Retrieve MPG Video Files

“Hi everyone, can anyone help me in retrieving my MPG video files. Last week I accidentally deleted few MPG files from my external hard drive. The thing is that I don’t have any extra copy of it and I can’t afford to lose it. Is there any other way to recover MPG video files other than opting for data recovery centers?”

Yes, you can easily restore MPG files from your drive with utmost ease without going to data recovery centers. It might be a nightmare to you when you realized that your favorite MPG files are deleted or lost. Henceforth, don’t be tensed as you can recover MPG files easily using some good file recovery software.

How File recovery is possible?

When most of you come to know about MPG file recovery application they often think how it is possible to recover deleted or lost MPG files? Actually speaking there is no magic behind data recovery process. The logical reason is that when any file is deleted from memory space only its location address is erased and not the file completely. This makes the file hidden in memory space and indicates free space. Thus data recovery process can be performed unless and until you overwrite that free space with new data.

Similar is the case with MPG video files and in order to recover it from the system you need some reliable and trustworthy video file recovery software. Remo Recover is the efficient and reliable solution for the question how to recover MPG files? This software has the ability to restore deleted, missing or formatted MPG files easily in less amount of time.

Why Remo Recover Software is the best Tool?

Remo Recover software can easily recover MPG files that are deleted or lost on the basis of its unique signature. It has well advanced scanning algorithms which has the ability to easily find and locate MPG files in few seconds. You can even retrieve MPG files that bypass Recycle Bin or Trash folder. Along with it, this tool also helps you to find MPG file that are emptied from Recycle Bin or Trash folder.

Apart from MPG video files, it has the ability to recover all types of video files like MOV, AVI, MP4, M4V, and so on. This software can also recover images, audios, RAW pictures, Word files, etc. It restores files from HFS, FAT, and NTFS File Systems without any complications. Moreover, this application can be used to overcome data loss situations due to numerous scenarios. Some of them are explained below:

  • The most general cause is due to accidentally deletion. You can easily delete some MPG files accidentally while clearing unwanted files. Sometime, you may even empty Recycle Bin or Trash folder after deleting some files without cross checking it. Thus this all can contribute to data loss situation.
  • Some of you may also make use of some shortcut keys to delete MPG files. For e.g. Shift Delete combination key or command prompt option can be used to clear some files including MPG. Files deleted using such keys skip Recycle Bin or Trash folder.
  • You may also format partition or drive in which MPG files are stored. If no backup is maintained then it may lead to huge loss of data situation.
  • If MPG file is been transferred from computer to external devices or vice versa and during the process if there is some interruption then it is possible to loss some MPG files causing data loss situation.

Moreover, it supports recovery of media files from all camera and camcorder like Sony, Kodak, Panasonic, Canon, Olympus, Sigma and many more. This recovery software also supports recovery of media files from SD card, memory cards, external hard drives, iPod, Thumb drive and many more. It works smoothly on all latest versions of Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

Some Unique options provided by Remo Recover Tool:

  • Signature to the files which are not listed can be added or edited
  • Find Tool option is used to find required files from restored data list
  • Save Recovery Session helps to avoid re-scanning of entire system
  • Preview option is provided to check restored file before saving it
  • Option to save restored file in any location.
  • Retrieved files can be compressed into ZIP format.


  • It is suggested that you should maintain backup of important file and should regularly update it.
  • Install licensed and updated antivirus software.
  • Cross verify files and folders saved in Recycle Bin or Trash folder.


  • Avoid using the drive or system after you experience data loss situation.
  • Do not deleted files blindly; do check it once before erasing it.
  • Avoid saving recovered files in the location from where it was restored.