Retrieve Photos after Partial Transferring Process

I left my camera connected to computer to complete the photo transfer process. When I came back some photos where not at all transferred, but rather it got lost from the camera!

This is what happens to most of computer users who have a playful kid in house. What could possibly have happened in this case is that, the user left electronic devices; kid in house removed the connecting cable and again inserted into the computer or simply left the connecting cable opened from computer. Such an act surely leads to photos getting lost. It should be noted that, such an act results in only those file getting lost which were in transit at the instant of removal. How photos can be avoided from getting lost?

Avoid photo getting lost:

Well, keeping the kid in house away from computer is not always possible. If possible, then it is well and good. More solid way is to maintain backup of important photos in external memory devices liked memory card, pen drive, hard drive etc. So, if photos get lost these devices should be sought after to retrieve the photos.

Other Reasons:

User may be transferring photos to computer without having any UPS connection. If in that transfer process power goes off, then all the photos which were in current transit process can get lost from the computer. Moreover, it can also happen that while the transfer process is in progress, user accidentally presses the cancel transfer process option. If this happens again and again, then it can result in file getting lost. In all such situations photos are retrievable using third party application software.

How third party software helps:  

If user does not find files after partial transfer process and thinks that the file is permanently lost. Then he is wrong because those photos still reside inside the hard disk. Using good recovery software like Remo Recover, those files can be recovered without any error.

Top features:

Remo Recover software boasts of its correct performance in every retrieval process. Corruption induced photos after partial transfer process are retrievable using this top software. All types of photos are supported using this software. Some of those formats are JPEG, GIF, PNG etc. It hardly takes few minutes to retrieve large number of photos after partial transfer process. This software even helps the user to identify those photos on the basis of file type, name, date of creation etc. One more mention-able feature is that photo lost in different storage devices like pen drive, hard drive are also retrieval using this software. Other feature includes save recovery session which allows the user to pause the recovery session and then again resume it after some time. Remo Recover is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.

Steps to recover photos:

  • Get Remo Recover in your computer and run it.
  • Select “Recover Photos” and select “Recover Lost Photos”.
  • Select the drive from which photos got lost.
  • Click next to initiate recovery process.
  • Wait for a while, once process gets over, save the recovered photos in desired location.

Software for Old Camera Users to Smart Media Card Recovery

I captured large number of photos using an old camera having Smart Media Card in it and now I am not able to view those photos. What’s the matter?

People around the world have used cameras and some people love to keep the old things intact. My father is one among them. I was using an old modeled camera which accepts only Smart Media Card and captured photos of an ecstatic convocation party. Later when I tried to view those photos using card reader, I was not able to. I got worried and I wanted to those photos back at any cost.

Basic Precautions:

Although Smart Media Card is just like any other card and to avoid the situation of any loss or deletion, following the precautions is mandatory. Always follow the proper ejection process to remove the card from card reader or camera. Take proper care when media card is connected to the computer and format option need to be performed in other drives. Try using Smart Card in the same device; never use the same Smart Card in multiple cameras/camcorders.

Software help:

Even after following above mentioned scenarios, if somehow card gets corrupted. Then, taking help from third party applications can be your last resort. Software like Remo Recover is a very robust software and performs the recovery of Smart Media Card of varied memory sizes.

Additional Features:

Remo Recover software is capable to perform not only Smart Media Card recovery but also recovery of other memory storage devices like pen drive, thumb drive, memory card, flash drive etc. This software is compatible with most of the camera/camcorder types and is very fast enough to perform the recovery. All types of media file formats in cameras are supported by this software like JPEG, GIF, CR2, RAW etc. Remo Recover has developed powerful features which comprises of well made graphical user interface giving user enchanting visuals which makes the user to quickly understand the recovery process within short duration of time. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers having 32 and 64 bit configuration.

Scenarios where this software will be helpful:

Remo Recover can be used when card is gets corrupted due to virus attack. This usually happens when card is connected to an already virus infected computer. Moreover it can also be used when data gets deleted while the data is transferred from camera having card to another computer.

Steps to recover Smart Media card:

  • Download and install this small sized software in your computer.
  • Start the software and choose appropriate option i.e. either “Recover Deleted” or “Recover Lost” photo, videos and audio.
  • Click on the drive of the camera/camcorder and recover process will initiate and may take few minutes to recover the card depending on the card size. Do not interrupt the computer during this process.
  • “Save Recovery Session” can also be used to pause and play the recovery session.

Office 2013 Lost File Recovery

One of the recent discoveries that stunned the Microsoft products users with its amazing functionality is Office 2013. There is lot of magical stuffs added to the older version for mesmerizing the users of all types. One of the major advantages is providing support for multiple documents in a single and parallel window. Though this may be considered as one of the advancement in Office 2013 there are certain drawbacks as well. One of the well famous queries that were registered repeatedly in the Microsoft’s official website is “How to recover lost files in Office 2013?” if you are one among the list who have posted this query in Microsoft forum regarding this query then this is the right sea you need to dive in. here a perfect solution for the Office 2013 lost file recovery is provided with all its positives and procedures.

Unluckily the Microsoft Office suite 2013 doesn’t have a powerful utility to find and recover the lost Office 2013 Word files on the whole. Only some small elements like texts, images etc can be recovered using Office 2013 suite and that too only up to certain limit. We have no other way except to go with other third party software. One of the recovery software that has made remarkable progress in the field of Office 2013 lost file recovery is Remo Recover Windows. This legitimate tool is built and deployed by a team of extremely skilled developers. Remo Recover can perform an in-depth scanning and recovery process. So not all kind of lost Ms Word supported files are recovered with greater accuracy rates.

Special features of Remo Recover:

The Remo Recover software is unique of its kind and can recover all kind of lost Word documents in any Windows operating system including the newly released Windows 8 OS. Both the 32 bit and 64 bit architecture operating systems. This ultimate recovery software supports and recovers all kind of Word file formats including file formats used by developers which has variable extensions or sometimes with a newly created extension format. This recovery software supports a wide range of Ms Word file loss scenarios particularly complex scenarios such as Ms Word document loss due to third party software like antivirus programs. It has a sophisticated user friendly interface that teaches everything to the user on the screen and while working with the flow.

Installations and uses:

  • Hit the hyperlink and download the software to your Windows PC
  • Install the software alike other Windows software installations in any Windows operating system
  • In the main screen choose “Recover Files” option
  • Choose “Recover Lost files” from the next upcoming screen
  • Now choose the drive or partition that owes your lost Ms Word document
  • In the next window choose types of lost Ms Word documents that need to be recovered from the relevant drive
  • If the lost Ms Word 2013 document format is not in the available list then add the signature to Remo Recover software and start recovering the lost Ms Word file.
  • Now the available list of Office 2013 Word files will be listed
  • Save the needed files in sessions
  • After successful purchase of the software extract the Office 2013 documents from the saved sessions


While installing Remo Recover software in Windows operating system make sure that the UAC setting is turned off in control panel.

Samsung Galaxy Note Photo Recovery

I am using a Samsung galaxy note which is bought three months before have got zero problems with the Smartphone usage. Very recently I took some of the photograph of my own and my family. But what happened yesterday is a disaster. Unintentionally I deleted some of the most needed photos thinking that it won’t help me further. Now only I am realizing it that they are the wrong one. The worst part is the photos are saved in the phone memory. I am looking for recovery application that has the potentiality to perform Samsung galaxy note photo recovery. If the answer to the question is yes suggest me good recovery software long with its procedural steps.

Yes, you have landed in the right place for the solution. Remo Recover Android is one of the software developed and released by Remo software. This software has a lot of potentiality to pull out the deleted pictures from Samsung galaxy Note.  It powerful internal skeletal algorithm can recover any kind of media files from the Samsung galaxy note. The procedure to use Remo Recover Android is very simple and elegant. Before proceeding to the advanced features of this recovery software and procedural steps for Samsung galaxy note photo recovery we need to know how the deletion disaster has happened. Here are some of the commonly registered deletion problems that can cause disaster and damages to the photos inside Samsung galaxy note.

  • Deletion of photo files either intentionally or unintentionally
  • Photo loss due to synchronization error
  • Photos lost during transferring from one device to another device
  • Photos captured at lower battery charge
  • Photos deleted due to third party applications and spatial issues

These are some of the common causes for the photo files deletion in Samsung galaxy note device. These deletion and lost problems can be solved easily by the Remo Recover Android software. It special features that this software to be in top of the ratings are.

  • Supported all the Android versions used in Samsung galaxy note
  • Supports all photo formats taken in Samsung galaxy note device
  • Supports Samsung galaxy note with variable internal phone memory size
  • Provides technical support all the year round
  • Can connect the Samsung galaxy note device with Windows or Mac PC and start recovering the photos very easily

Procedural steps:

  • Install the software
  • Connect the Samsung galaxy note device to PC
  • Choose “Recover photos” on the main screen
  • Select “Recover deleted photos” or “Recover lost” based on your needs
  • Choose the drive and save the recovered photos in sessions
  • Purchase the software if satisfied and extract the photos from the saved sessions


If you opt for a photo recovery never dump the Samsung galaxy note with further data or images as it may damage the available photos inside the Samsung galaxy note

Perfect Software to Recover Photos from iPod Mini

Why is it that every time I connect my iPod Mini with my computer I lose some of the photo files?

Well, you have just heard about a situation of a user who is quite careless or has little knowledge about the proper procedure to connect and disconnect external devices to computer. Real problem erupts when the user becomes careless about the proper procedure to disconnect iPod Mini from the computer. A user may have opened up photo files in computer background and may directly remove the USB cable from the computer without even following the proper ejection step to make the device safely removed. This is the most common scenario and happens one or two times with careful users too.

Better careful step known as prevention:

Always keep back up of important photo files in external memory devices like hard drive, pen drive, hard drive etc. to avoid photo from getting lost. User can always seek these devices during photo file loss. Always use UPS along with computer in which iPod Mini is inserted so that in times of power loss user can get extra crucial minute to save any unsaved photo file. Antivirus usage is also a very much advisable step to avoid file loss because antivirus scans for any traces of virus in computer during its periodic scanning process and removes the virus. This way virus can be get ridden from destroying photo file.

Remo Recover is the name:

Those iPod users who have ever lost memorable photos from their iPod Mini would be eager to know method to recover photos. It is the software which can help them in this regard and is known as Remo Recover. This software is capable to recover photos of various formats like JPEG, GIF, PNG etc. with ease.

Advanced features:

Remo Recover is the most appropriate software for iPod Mini users who want the recovery of their lost photos in a hassle free and quick manner. The algorithm used in this software is specially designed for better performance of recovery of iPod photos in fast and furious manner. It works with most of the versions of Mac portable music devices like iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano etc. It also supports general photo formats and also camera photo formats like RAW etc. Using Remo More user can identify photo files based on file name, size, type and even date of creation. The main feature of this software is the Preview option which enables the user to view those recovered photos prior to saving it in the computer. This software is compatible with both Windows as well as Mac operating systems.

Steps to recover your precious iPod Mini photos:

  • Download and install Remo Recover which hardly requires fifteen MB of hard disk space.
  • Launch the software and select one option out of two options indicating about recovery of loss or deletion of photos.
  • Select drive from which photos need to be recovered and then click on Next button.
  • Click on “Next” tab and recovery process will start which comprises of scanning for lost/deleted photos and a list of recoverable photos will emerge.
  • Select all or the required one to recover and save the photos in desired location.

Perfect Software to Recover Deleted Files from XD Picture Card

Camera or camcorders support different types of memory card to store photos or videos captured from the device. There are many forms of external memory devices used in cameras, some of these are SD card, MMC, XD card etc. But the one which is used in the older models of camera and camcorders is XD card. This small sized memory device just like any other works great as a portable device and can be used in multiple devices.

I being a photographer have been using older camera for a while because the camera which is older one is very much dear to me and I love using it. But, this memory card supports XD memory card format only. I have stored hundreds of photos in this small device, the photos of wild animals, wild folders, birds all those photos which suits to be in the front cover of a wild life magazine. But, inspite of capturing such perfect photos, I had to undergo a serious problem because the photo in the XD card got lost from it. I immediately searched in the internet for the method to get back my precious photos and I finally came across good rated software whose name is Remo Recover.

It is software which is much appreciated by top recovery experts around the world and does hardly require any inspection. Although there are many means by which pictures can get lost from XD card, some of the most common ones are explained below:

Multiple usages: Suppose user has a XD memory card in one of his camera and if the user tends to use the same memory card in many other cameras, and then the pictures in it may get lost. This usually happens due to frequent inserting and ejecting of the same memory card and causes corruption of data.

Using camera in low battery: A camera works on battery and the battery level should be kept in mind while taking photos from it. If the user comes across a very exciting scene and he wants it to capture it immediately even in low battery level of camera, the picture may get lost from the computer.

Photo transfer: While transferring data from camera to other electronic device like personal computer, proper care should be taken. It can be explained as, if while the transfer of the data from camera to computer, user accidentally removes the connection cable which connects the camera and computer. Then all of the pictures in transfer process will get lost from the XD card in which it is stored.

Accidental formatting: Cameras do provide format option button to clear the memory card. So, if the user wants to make some functional changes in the device but in actual happens to format the camera, then it can be a serious issue, because all of the photos and videos in XD memory card will get lost.

To face all of the above mentioned problems there is one and only unique solution and that is called Remo Recover.

It is very incredible software in recovering the lost photos from XD card used in cameras. Remo Recover is even capable of recovering the lost data from various other memory cards like SSD, MMC etc. This software is developed in highly sophisticated laboratories developed under the guidance of top recovery experts. The algorithm made for this software is foul proof and guarantees recovery of the lost photos without any error. It supports recovery of various lost data formats like CR2, RAW etc. This software is compatible with all the versions all of Windows as well as Mac operating system.

Best Software Recover Deleted Files from XD Picture Card

In digital cameras, one of the popular memory devices used is XD Picture card and is mostly predominant for the older camera or camcorder models. Just like any other picture cards, it comes in variety of memory sizes and is very much fast in its working.

Last week I went to visit a nearby national park and captured many interesting pictures of wild animals in my camera having XD picture card. This was my best capture so far and I was really touched by those pictures. But unfortunately all the image files stored in that memory card got deleted. Well, the reason behind this accident was my little son, who pressed delete all button in the camera, thus resulted in important files to be deleted from XD card. I consulted my friend who guided me in this matter and said that the deleted files can be recovered by using efficient recovery software called Remo Recover.

Remo Recover has proved itself by recovering the deleted image files from XD Picture card in a better way. The files from XD Picture card can get deleted by a number of ways. Some of the most prominent reasons of file deletion are explained as follows:

Antivirus usage: XD cards just like any other external storage devices are also prone to virus attack. So if someone is suspicious of XD card being infected with virus, then the antivirus software may be used to remove the virus from the card. Bur this act may delete those files from the card which are severely infected with virus without any prior notification to the user.

Abrupt removal: If the user is unaware about the proper procedural steps to remove the memory card from the camera, then all the files in XD card may get deleted instantaneously.

Third Party applications: If the user is using the third party application, then it is only for the improvement of the computer performance. But if the user has connected camera having XD Picture card in it to a computer having untrustworthy third party application. Then all the imported files in XD card may get deleted. If the files are important to the user, then it can be a painful issue.

If you are a victim of any of the above-mentioned scenarios then no need to worry because one of the popular recovery software called Remo Recover can do the task of recovering files.

Remo Recover is an esthetically designed software meeting the needs of the user by recovering the deleted files from XD Picture card with perfection. This software is made with great care, making it sure to reach the requirements of wide variety of camera users. This is possible because it supports the recovery of files not only from XD Picture Card but also from SD, MMC and Memory Stick used in cameras and camcorders. Even wide variety of media files can be recovered by utilizing this software like jpeg, gif, cr2, mpeg etc. This software is compatible with various versions of Windows as well as Mac OS.

Some of the precautionary measures that will be helpful for the user to avoid the files from getting deleted in XD Picture Card is explained below. Always use camera when the battery level is not low. So word files from getting deleted can be avoided if the user uses camera with sufficient battery level. In this aspect, maintaining backup of files in external storage devices like pen drive, hard drive etc. will be very much helpful to avoid files from getting deleted. By seeking these backed up devices user will get back the deleted files.

Efficient Software to Perform Photo File Restoration

Last week my relatives came at home and brought me lots of surprise gifts but a naughty kid also came with them who was very much fond of computer. Within minutes he searched the desktop in the home, started browsing folders and opened interesting photos of my five year old boy. After this without following the regular system shutdown process, turned off the system by switching off the main power. This ultimately made all the photos opened in the background to get lost from the system. This was a very terrible situation; I was in a state of confusion and thought there is no solution. Soon I got the solution and the solution came from none other than the kid’s father. He told me this is a very common problem and the simple solution to restore the photo files by using dependable photo recovery software. He even informed me about the vast recovery software available in the internet market and even warned me of fraud software which won’t give the desired result.

To get the desired result installing Remo Recover would be the best option because the tool efficiently restores the lost photo files. Now, consider some of the reasons for photo file getting lost:

Accidental formatting: Sometimes a user may want to open a drive containing large number of photo files but may accidentally format it. This will result in heavy loss of important files from the computer.

Third party tool: Third party tools are helpful to boost the system performance, but some of the untrustworthy tools can create menace in your computer. But, untrustworthy too can make the photo files getting lost from the computer even without any consent from the user of the computer.

Power surge: Sometimes user may not be using UPS and at the same time high power current goes into the system due to lightning. If the user had opened photo files, then he or she might lose those files.

Software failure: If the user is viewing or editing the photo file in computer and suddenly software failure happens, then and then this will make all the photo files getting lost from the computer. Software glitches or failure usually happens due to in efficient coding in the programming level, this will cause the software to provide in correct result.

If you are facing scenario in which you have lost your photo files then don’t wait. Because Remo Recover can be the savior which will help you in restoring back the lost photo files effectively.

Remo Recover software is developed with great care keeping in mind the need of the user and provides error free restored photo file. It hardly takes few minutes to restore even large sized photo files taken from camera or camcorders. This software is efficient in recovering not only photo files but also other media files like video, audio etc. This software uses smart algorithm to restore even the most complex photo files with ease. For the first time users, it will not at all be a difficult deal to understand the steps to recover the lost photo files, this is due to the clear and intuitive graphical design included in this software. Remo Recover supports restoration of lost photo files from Windows as well as Mac operating systems.

To avoid photo files getting lost, use following mentioned precautionary measures. Use UPS along with your computer because if there is sudden power failure, then it will provide extra minutes to save any unsaved photo files. Make a habit to follow the proper shut down procedure, this will help the user a lot to avoid photo file getting lost from the system.

Software to Recover Photo Files from Damaged SD Card

Nowadays everyone would have seen or used SD cards due its increased dependability as memory storage device for camera, camcorders or mobile phones. Secure Digital (SD) cards are barely of the size of human nails and have large capacity to store photo files. Photo of childhood or photo of any important achievement can be stored in the SD card. If the SD card gets damaged due to one or another reason then the user will get highly aggravated because the photo stored in the card will get lost. To recover the photo from damaged SD card, user should start using SD card photo recovery software.

To choose good SD card photo recovery software which can serve the needs of the user can be a difficult task. This daunting task can be decreased to a large extend by utilizing popular and better-ranked software like Remo SD Card Photo Recover. The SD card can get damaged by many reasons few of which are mentioned below.

Improper mounting: The SD card, which is used in number of devices like camera or mobile phone, has proper method to mount i.e., to insert it into the device. If the user tends to insert the card in a wrong manner then the SD card tends to get damaged and thus the photo files will get lost.

Removal while transferring photo: Sometimes user may have kept the photo files to be transferred from SD card to computer, but without the completion of the transfer process user may have removed it from the system due to other activity. In such a case, the SD card will get damaged and resulting in photo to get lost from it, thus user may turn angry.

Taking picture when battery is low: If the occasion is too much interesting, then user tends to take photos even if the battery is low. Such an act can result in SD card getting damaged. This can ruin the work of the user and it can bring the user in sorrow because the photo will get lost.

Multiple usage of SD card: It can possibly happen that there are many devices to which the user wants to transfer the photo files and data cable is not available. In such an occasion user will use the same SD card in different devices. This will eventually result in SD card getting damaged.

If you have ever undergone through any of the above-mentioned SD card damage scenarios, then no need to worry. Because Remo SD Card Photo Recover is the ultimate software which works great can get you out of such trouble.

Remo SD Card Photo Recover is the practical software which is sought by most of the users for the recovery of photo from damaged SD card. This software can be used to recover not only photo files but also other files like audio and video files. Using this software, the user will not find any difficulty in understanding the steps to recover the photo files because of the simple and understandable graphical user interface developed by the recovery experts. It can be used to recover photo files not only from SD card but also from other memory devices like MMC card, hard drive, pen drives etc. All photo file formats like jpeg, gif etc can be recovered by employing this software.

Here are precautionary measures which can help you at large to prevent photo file getting lost from damaged SD card. Maintain backup of precious photo files in other storage memory devices like hard drive, pen drive etc. Always make good research before buying a new SD card because a well reputed SD card will have less frequency of it to get damaged.

Software to Recover Deleted Photos from HTC EVO

Most of the mobile users have switched to smart phones from basic ones and HTC EVO is one of the most vibrant smart phone having features that every user craves. This phone enables the user to take good quality of photos because of its high-resolution camera, having large storage space for storing data. Imagine what will go through a user if precious photos stored in HTC EVO get deleted due to one reason or the other. Surely, the user will feel disgusted and helpless in such a situation. To get back the deleted photos from the smart phone user should employ recovery software.

In online market, there are numerous recovery software available. One of the most dependable recovery software to retrieve deleted photos from HTC EVO is Remo Recover for Android. This software is highly ranked in terms of its ability to retrieve deleted photos within short duration of time. Now, let’s understand how a photo gets deleted from a HTC EVO are as follows.

Accidental deletion: Smart phones are flawless in terms of its quick response to touch. For instance, the user while previewing family photos on HTC EVO user may unintentionally touch the option delete the photo. Such an act will lead to deletion of important photos from the gadget.

Antivirus: In this world of digital revolution, programs are the integral part of it. Viruses are nothing but programs designed to do mischievous operation in computers, smart phones and other devices. In smart phones virus may make an entry via sources like connecting to a virus-infected computer or by downloading applications from untrustworthy sites. To eradicate virus from the smart phones antivirus software is used. During the periodic scanning for virus, the antivirus can remove some of the photo files without any prior notification to the user. If a precious photo files gets deleted from the phone, user without worrying make use of recovery software to retrieve the deleted photos.

Third Party application: We use third party application for many purposes, like increasing phone performance. But the third party application installed in your HTC EVO smart phone sometimes does not support because of the incompatibility issues and results in deletion of valuable photo files from the gadget.

Photo file transfer: A user may want to transfer photos from a system to HTC EVO or vice versa. To execute this task, it should be connected to the system via data cable. While transferring photos user may want to select the whole photo file using CTRL A, it can happen that the user accidentally selects delete option for that selected photo file. Such a situation will result in photo files getting deleted from the smart phone.

Remo Recover for Android is enormously competent when coming to the recovery of deleted photos from smart phones like HTC EVO. This software utilizes powerful algorithm to retrieve photo files from both internal and external memory of smart phone. It supports the recovery of different photo files available formats, for e.g.; jpg, gif etc. as well as recovery of deleted audio, video and .apk files. This software is compatible with the older as well as newer versions of android OS used in smart phones like Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean etc. This software is well compatible with all the versions of Windows OS.

It will be good to take some precautionary measures to avoid the deletion of photo files from the smart phone. Maintain back up of photos which in external devices like memory cards, pen drives etc. Always try to keep high battery level, because when the smart phone is in low battery level, any unsaved photo file may get deleted. Never capture any photos when the battery level is real low, because after capturing of the photo, the smart phone may take few seconds to save it in the memory, if in that instant battery goes off then photo will be deleted.