Office Utility Software to Recover Excel Files in Windows 7

Fifty excel files got deleted! Is there any way to get back those excel file in my Windows 7 computer?

This was me six months back when I didn’t know anything about recovery software. Those excel files were the basis of my office work and losing those files was a nightmare. But, now I myself can lose any excel file from computer and recover it back using third party application. Also, I am knowledgeable enough to recommend those users who have never though of recovering back the lost file. The recommended software is Remo Recover, popular software in recovery software category. Before going through its various features let me explain about the various scenarios which will require user to recover files using third party application.

Unfavorable scenarios:

Consider, a user wants to copy all excel files, say about hundred from Windows 7 computer to pen drive. User initiated the transfer process and some of the files even got into the pen drive but meanwhile user urged a need to remove a multimedia device from the computer. But no, user didn’t remove the intended device but removed the pen drive. This scenario may most possibly make some of the excel files to get deleted from the computer. Now, consider a user who wants to deletes a particular file from Windows 7 computer but in actual happens to delete the excel file which was very important to the user. In another situation severe virus infection resulted in large number of files to get lost from the computer including the excel files. Also, sometimes user would like to format a particular drive but accidentally may format a drive having important excel files. All of these scenarios seem to be weird and in actual can happen to you.

Real solution:

For all the above explained scenarios, Remo Recover is the answer which is trusted software to perform in real time. Recovery process is simple and recovers excel sheets with its original content.

Must have look features:

Remo Recover is capable of recovering excel files from Windows 7 computer and also from other versions of Windows OS namely Windows 8, 2003, XP and others. Recovery of all other office files is also possible using this software which is document, paint, presentation etc which makes it very practical software for office and individual use. Remo Recover allows recovery of files from external drives too which are connected to the computer. It allows the novice users to understand the recovery process in a very quick manner because of the awesome graphical user interface used in the software.

Essential steps to recover:

  • Download this software consuming not more than fifty mega bytes of memory space.
  • Install and launch the software in your Windows 7 computer.
  • Choose the drive in Windows computer from which excel file is to be recovered.
  • Select the scenario of either loss or deleted case depending on the way of loosing the file.
  • Initiate the process; use options like save recovery session or file preview.
  • Save recovered excel files in destined location.