How to Recover Data From USB Drive Partition

Remo Recover software can restore data from your USB drive partitions.

USB (Universal Serial Bus) drive is a popular storage device that has flash memory with an integrated USB interface. These drives are smaller, faster, and reliable as they do not have moving parts.

These USB drives are becoming accessible by millions of people around the world thanks to ever increasing capacities and reduction of cost.

Why partition your USB drive?

Partitioning your drive is just organizing physical space on the drive. It is still the same hardware, but the space on it is divided and it appears as two or more drives to Windows. You could have partitioned your USB drive to improve performance, for making backups easier, better organize your data, enhance speed or a multitude of other reasons.

The chance of losing your pen drive or USB partition still exists despite all the above-mentioned positives.

Recover partition using Remo Recover

Your lost partition could be recovered easily using Remo Recover software. All you need to do is download and install the latest version of the software. The user interface is simple enough to be understood by a first-time user as well.

In order to recover lost partition of usb flash drive, Remo Recover provides a safe and secure solution. The file recovery tool can retrieve data from accidentally formatted, reformatted, deleted or lost partitions as well.

If your partition has bad sectors, Remo Recover creates a disk image of the drive, bypassing all the bad sectors. It then recovers data using this image.

Remo Recover is a great disk recovery utility that can restore all kinds of lost data. It supports the recovery of several different file types. If you are unable to restore the file type you are searching for, you can always add the file type using raw signature search option.

You can restore lost data from file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT using Remo Recover software.

This USB recovery tool can provide an easy solution on how to recover exfat partition.

Remo Recover allows you to restore data from deleted or corrupt partitions from RAID0, RAID1, and RAID5 arrays as well.

Let us now look at some common reasons for loss of your partition data.

Causes of USB partition loss

  • Incorrect partition resizing: Trying to adjust the size of your drive partitions can be quite risky. If any interruption or an improper action happens, partition loss can occur.
  • Bad sectors: If a hard drive has bad sectors (spaces on the hard drive that cannot be read or written as normal). The entire drive can get corrupted due to a single sector or track.
  • Abrupt system shutdown: Abrupt power outages, abnormal BIOS upgrading or installation of fraudulent applications can lead to an unexpected system shutdown.
  • File system error: The file system is responsible for accessing files on your drive. If the file system gets corrupted, there are chances of entire partition being lost.
  • Virus/Malware infection: A virus or malware infection on your drive can cause loss of data on your partition.