Deleted APK File Recovery


Android Application Package popularly called as APK is a package file format which is used to install application software in Android Operating devices. APK files can have any name but saved with a file extension .apk. However, user may come across situation where they end up losing Android Application Package file from their Android Phone. There are numerous factors that may lead to huge loss of APK files from Android phones.

Among all scenarios, deletion action is the most general scenarios that cause Android user a huge loss of data. Most users may accidentally or intentionally erase APK file from Android memory space. During such situation, user may get panic if APK file which manages important files and folders are deleted. Before proceeding further let us see some causes which leads to deletion of APK file:

  • Sometimes, user may accidentally delete important Android Application Package file from Android phone. It is possible that user may erase APK files while freeing some space in Android memory by erasing unwanted files. Thus, accidental deletion can cause huge loss of APK file from Android phone.
  • There are chances that user might have stored some duplicate files in Smartphones. Thus while clearing duplicate files, user may accidentally erase some APK files too thinking it is duplicate one which results into huge loss of data.
  • If the memory card of Smartphone is highly infected by the virus then it might delete some files including APK file resulting into huge data loss situation.

Whenever Android user faces any of the above mentioned scenarios, users may look out for the solution to get back deleted APK files. Henceforth, users need not worry as it is possible to recover deleted APK files from Android phones by using some good Android recovery software.

How Android Recovery software really works?

When users come to know about Androids data recovery software they often are surprised how it works? According to software experts, when APK file is deleted from Android phone only the address location of the file is erased from File System of memory area. Thus files get invisible to the user but it is present in the memory space. Hence, data recovery software has the ability to retrieve invisible files from Smartphone with ease.

(To achieve complete data recovery results user should not save any new data in Smartphone soon after deletion of APK files.)

About Remo Recover for Android Utility:

User can make use of Remo Recover for Android Utility to perform deleted Android Application Package file recovery in an efficient manner. This software is specially designed to work on Android Operating System based device. It has unique and advanced algorithms which has the capability to rigorously scan entire Android devices within less amount of time. This software will easily locate and identify Android application package file on the basis of its unique signature.

Along with external memory area, this software is capable of scanning internal memory area with utmost ease. Apart from recovering deleted APK file, it also supports recovery of deleted and missing files like images, audios, videos and RAW photos easily. Data lost due to formatting of SD card can also be recovered using this software. This software application has the ability to recover data from Android SD card with corrupted File System.

This Android Recovery software has the ability to create exact copy of Android Phone SD card so as to recover data from it in later stage. Restored file can be viewed before saving it by using option “Preview”. It provides user an option to save restored files in any desired storage space. All popular brands of Smartphones like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, Panasonic, LAVA and many more.

Why Remo Recover for Android software should be used?

Remo Recover for Android software is very fast and effective in restoring files from Android Operated devices. This software has very simple and attractive interface which gives proper guidance throughout the recovery process. Hence, both technical and non-technical users can easily run it without professional help. It is compatible with all latest versions of Windows Operating System like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Apart from deletion scenario, it also supports other serious like formatting, virus attack, factor reset, power failure, File system corruption and many more. User can check recovery results using free trial version and if satisfied with the product then can buy licensed version. This tool also provides customer service to the user to solve any queries related to Remo products.

Safety Measures to be taken:

  • Keep extra backup of important files and folders from Android Phones.
  • Protect Android phones from external threats by using antivirus software.
  • Cross check the files twice before deleting it.
  • Soon after data loss situation, avoid using Android phone till data is restored.
  • Avoid abrupt removal of Android SD card