How to Recover Deleted Video Files from MicroSD Card

“Last weekend, I went to visit my friend and her newly born baby at her home. I recorded few videos of the cute baby and was planning to share with my other friends through Facebook. But today morning when I connected my MicroSD card with computer via card reader, I saw lot of unwanted stuff and started deleting those files but unfortunately deleted some important video files also. If anyone knows how to overcome from this issue, then please let me know as soon as possible”. Thanks.

Overview of MicroSD Card:

MicroSD is one of the smallest removable flash memory card specially designed for mobile phones, as well as some new handheld GPS devices, portable media players, digital camera, etc. to store numerous types of files such as videos, pictures, music, applications, games, text documents, etc.

Generally above stated scenario takes place in hurry or by mistake. However, don’t panic! Before you give up your hope on deleted video files, here is a good news! You can effortlessly perform MicroSD card deleted video file recovery just by utilizing reliable software like Remo Recover. The utility is designed with advanced superior algorithms that easily scans your complete microSD card and retrieves deleted video files within short span of time.

Common Factors Responsible for Deletion of Videos from MicroSD Card:

  • Unintentional deletion of videos file while previewing or deleting unwanted data on phone or when connected with system
  • Video files get delete when you accidentally format the MicroSD card
  • Due to hazardous virus attack on MicroSD card at times results in loss of video files
  • Abrupt removal of MicroSD card during video file transfer process
  • Other Reasons: Inappropriate handling of MicroSD card, forcefully saving files when card is full, format error message, file system corruption, etc.

If you are experiencing video file loss due to above stated scenarios, then immediately stop using your Micro SD card or don’t save any new data and make use of good video recovery software like Remo Recover to restore all types of video files like AVI, MOV, MPEGV, etc. in short span of time.

Remo Recover Software Incredible Features:

This utility provides you the assurance that original videos will not be modified or deleted while retrieving because it is read only software. The toolkit is suited with an automated program that ensures fast, safe and secure rescue of videos and other media files from MicroSD card. By empowering the utility, you can also recover photos, audios, text documents etc. effortlessly. Even the software supports to regain videos from all versions of Windows and Mac OS X based systems and laptops utmost ease. With the help of this application, you can get back deleted videos from SD, XD, CF, SDXC, MMC, Memory Stick, USB drive, etc.

Helpful Tips:

  • Maintain backup of important video files
  • Scan your MicroSD card with updated antivirus software
  • Before deleting any files from Micro SD card, make sure that file is no more useful in future
  • Don’t make use of same Micro SD card on numerous electronic gadgets

Popular Software to Undelete Video from Camcorder

Recently I bought a camcorder having large memory capability to store videos. Captured some of the best video with high resolution video recording device and now it was time to transfer all the videos to computer drive. After transferring files I decided to save some computer memory by deleting the unwanted files from computer. But, while choosing the unwanted files for deletion, I accidentally chose the drive of camcorder for deletion purpose. What was the worse thing is that the files selected for deletion were none other that the latest video files. After selecting the files ranging to few giga bytes, I accidentally deleted all those files. Later, when I tried to play the files in computer, those files were missing. This was absolutely shocking and I wanted my files back at any cost. Now, let’s get into more scenarios which make us understand how video files can get deleted from your camcorder.

Camcorder just like cameras has inbuilt key features which helps users to browse through user captured galleries. A user would have browsed through hundreds of files and later would like to add effects to few of the captured videos. In this process if user has ever lost files while trying to add features, then don’t get worried because you can get back those accidentally deleted photos. Another major instant leading user to get the videos deleted is due to virus attack. Suppose user has connected the camcorder to computer via data cable. Suppose user uses some untrustworthy application in computer to mend video from computer, in such a case it can be severe that some video gets deleted without even the user knowing about the source of deletion. Moreover, there are other cases too when user ends up deleting the files while the files are still in transfer process. This can happen by unplugging the data cable. Deleted videos from camcorder can be undeleted from all those files with the help of software.

There are various tools related to recovery available in internet market. So, user can get confused about choosing the required software. If you have also ever felt so then Remo Recover application can be opted to leave the confusion behind. The software performs perfect recovery and is reputed too.

Remo Recover to retrieve deleted video from camcorder is a virus free application supporting both Windows and Mac operating system. This software recovers the deleted video files in complete manner without leaving any error behind. This software is compatible with most of the popular brands available in internet market like Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and the tool also caters to the wide variety of memory cards devices which are used as storage devices in cameras. Apart from this user also gets easy chance to recover large or small sized files within the stipulated time. Feature like save recovery session is well appreciated by the users to pause and play the recovery session. Software can also recover videos, photos and audio files with high level of accuracy.