Software for Old Camera Users to Smart Media Card Recovery

I captured large number of photos using an old camera having Smart Media Card in it and now I am not able to view those photos. What’s the matter?

People around the world have used cameras and some people love to keep the old things intact. My father is one among them. I was using an old modeled camera which accepts only Smart Media Card and captured photos of an ecstatic convocation party. Later when I tried to view those photos using card reader, I was not able to. I got worried and I wanted to those photos back at any cost.

Basic Precautions:

Although Smart Media Card is just like any other card and to avoid the situation of any loss or deletion, following the precautions is mandatory. Always follow the proper ejection process to remove the card from card reader or camera. Take proper care when media card is connected to the computer and format option need to be performed in other drives. Try using Smart Card in the same device; never use the same Smart Card in multiple cameras/camcorders.

Software help:

Even after following above mentioned scenarios, if somehow card gets corrupted. Then, taking help from third party applications can be your last resort. Software like Remo Recover is a very robust software and performs the recovery of Smart Media Card of varied memory sizes.

Additional Features:

Remo Recover software is capable to perform not only Smart Media Card recovery but also recovery of other memory storage devices like pen drive, thumb drive, memory card, flash drive etc. This software is compatible with most of the camera/camcorder types and is very fast enough to perform the recovery. All types of media file formats in cameras are supported by this software like JPEG, GIF, CR2, RAW etc. Remo Recover has developed powerful features which comprises of well made graphical user interface giving user enchanting visuals which makes the user to quickly understand the recovery process within short duration of time. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers having 32 and 64 bit configuration.

Scenarios where this software will be helpful:

Remo Recover can be used when card is gets corrupted due to virus attack. This usually happens when card is connected to an already virus infected computer. Moreover it can also be used when data gets deleted while the data is transferred from camera having card to another computer.

Steps to recover Smart Media card:

  • Download and install this small sized software in your computer.
  • Start the software and choose appropriate option i.e. either “Recover Deleted” or “Recover Lost” photo, videos and audio.
  • Click on the drive of the camera/camcorder and recover process will initiate and may take few minutes to recover the card depending on the card size. Do not interrupt the computer during this process.
  • “Save Recovery Session” can also be used to pause and play the recovery session.