Retrieve Photos after Partial Transferring Process

I left my camera connected to computer to complete the photo transfer process. When I came back some photos where not at all transferred, but rather it got lost from the camera!

This is what happens to most of computer users who have a playful kid in house. What could possibly have happened in this case is that, the user left electronic devices; kid in house removed the connecting cable and again inserted into the computer or simply left the connecting cable opened from computer. Such an act surely leads to photos getting lost. It should be noted that, such an act results in only those file getting lost which were in transit at the instant of removal. How photos can be avoided from getting lost?

Avoid photo getting lost:

Well, keeping the kid in house away from computer is not always possible. If possible, then it is well and good. More solid way is to maintain backup of important photos in external memory devices liked memory card, pen drive, hard drive etc. So, if photos get lost these devices should be sought after to retrieve the photos.

Other Reasons:

User may be transferring photos to computer without having any UPS connection. If in that transfer process power goes off, then all the photos which were in current transit process can get lost from the computer. Moreover, it can also happen that while the transfer process is in progress, user accidentally presses the cancel transfer process option. If this happens again and again, then it can result in file getting lost. In all such situations photos are retrievable using third party application software.

How third party software helps:  

If user does not find files after partial transfer process and thinks that the file is permanently lost. Then he is wrong because those photos still reside inside the hard disk. Using good recovery software like Remo Recover, those files can be recovered without any error.

Top features:

Remo Recover software boasts of its correct performance in every retrieval process. Corruption induced photos after partial transfer process are retrievable using this top software. All types of photos are supported using this software. Some of those formats are JPEG, GIF, PNG etc. It hardly takes few minutes to retrieve large number of photos after partial transfer process. This software even helps the user to identify those photos on the basis of file type, name, date of creation etc. One more mention-able feature is that photo lost in different storage devices like pen drive, hard drive are also retrieval using this software. Other feature includes save recovery session which allows the user to pause the recovery session and then again resume it after some time. Remo Recover is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.

Steps to recover photos:

  • Get Remo Recover in your computer and run it.
  • Select “Recover Photos” and select “Recover Lost Photos”.
  • Select the drive from which photos got lost.
  • Click next to initiate recovery process.
  • Wait for a while, once process gets over, save the recovered photos in desired location.