How to Open Invalid Zip File

It is common for Zip files to have simple header issues or incorrect extensions. Due to these reasons, your Zip file can get corrupted.

If the corruption is due to such issues, it can be fixed using the command line interface. To fix your Zip file,

  1. Press Windows + R
  2. In the dialogue box, type cmd and hit Enter
  3. Use the cd command to jump to the folder which has the corrupt Zip file. For example, C:\Users\Your name > cd documents jumps to the documents directory
  4. Then type “C:\Program Files\WinZip\wzzip” -yf and hit Enter.

Note: Use the actual Zip file name in place of ‘’

Using this command, WinZip creates a new Zip file with correct structure. This method repairs only structure of the Zip file but it cannot fix the data inside the file. So, if your original data is corrupt, the resulting fixed Zip file will still be corrupt.

There are many causes for data corruption in Zip file. The most common occurrence is when you download a file from the internet. Invalid data may be introduced into the file and cause corruption. Some other causes are corruption or malfunctioning in the storage media where the Zip file is located or being unzipped.

In order to extract such invalid Zip files, you need to first repair the file using zip repair software. Remo Repair Zip is a great tool to fix issues with Zip files.

How can Remo Repair Zip help you?

  1. You may encounter errors such as ‘the compressed (zip) folder is invalid or corrupted’, ‘CRC failed’, ‘the archive is empty or otherwise corrupt’ or ‘Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive’ with Zip files. Remo Repair Zip is designed to address all such errors.
  2. If your Zip files are password protected, the tool is equipped with special scanning algorithms to extract data from your password protected file and fix errors.
  3. The tool uses a read only mechanism, so your original file is not altered. Data is extracted, issue is fixed and healthy files are generated.
  4. You can preview your repaired files using the Preview option provided before you save them.
  5. The tool provides a description for every step in the repair process, thus making it easy for you to follow. If you still have questions or your file cannot be repaired, you can contact our Technical Support team and they will be more than happy to help you.
  6. You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues of your system or WinZip with the software. Remo Repair Zip is designed to support all types of Zip, Zipx files and all versions of Windows OS including the latest Windows 10.

A detailed guide on how to repair invalid Zip file is provided on our website. It is a simple 3 step process once you install the software. Just select your corrupt Zip file and click on Repair. Then select the required file/s and save them in a desired location.