Perfect Software to Recover Data from PST File

I was using Outlook application to forward an important email and suddenly the application crashed. All my PST data is gone!

The significance of that file was not in the entire content but in partial content of that PST file. Also, the email was supposed to be forwarded to an important client. So, the heights of the importance of PST file were even more. I was initially clueless about any possible way to get back the lost PST file. I consulted our common technical advisor of our firm and he suggested that those files are recoverable easily using third party application. Along with recommending me a name of the third party application for recovery of PST file which was Remo Repair Outlook, he also told about various precautionary measures which should be followed at strict level.

Some strict precautions:

One of the most common cases of losing PST file is due to file oversize. Sometimes due to requirement user create large sized PST file and oversee the basic fact about Outlook application that PST files size are limited in it. So after creating such a long sized file which crosses the basic file size and user forwards the same file to a client. Then that file will not at all be visible to client and also not visible to the user in the sent items folder. So, maintaining strictness to the file size is very important if the user wants to see his PST files safe and secured. Another prominent reason is due to sudden exit of Outlook application while the PST file creation is still in progress. So, saving the PST file prior to exit of application is a mandatory step. Next, using antivirus software is also very important to avoid harmful programs aka virus from getting into computer. So, using well known antivirus software in your computer is a very required. Moreover, while utilizing antivirus, do remember to frequently scan the computer on weekly, half monthly or monthly basis.

Although precautions seem to be easy to follow, but users do sometimes forget and happen to los important PST files. A better risky free way is to follow third party application software like Remo Repair Outlook. This is powerful software and performs perfect repairing.

Five star features:

Remo Repair Outlook is the best software and deserves a five star from every user. This software is integrated software for Outlook application, serving recovery of data from damaged PST files due to various scenarios. Various PST file types are compatible with this software namely email, notes, reminder and other PST files. Remo Recover also allows recovery of data from PST file from various Outlook applications like Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 etc. This software even allows user to make a pre selection of all those files which need to be recovered at immediate effect. GUI used in this software is incredible allowing user to identify the repairing steps for even the most basic users with ease. It is compatible in all versions of Windows OS.