Marvelous Tool to Recover Pictures after Format Error

Recently I connected my memory card to Windows computer via card reader for transferring valuable pictures taken during my office trip. When I opened it I got a message like “the drive needs to be formatted, do you like to format it now?” I do not understand what to do as I have not taken backup of very important pictures and other files. I am in fear of losing pictures present in the memory card. Can anyone suggest me software to fix this issue and retrieve images stored on it?   

After getting any type of error message while opening a memory card you will not be able to access data stored on it and majority of people lose their priceless images by clicking for formatting memory card. There are hidden reasons behind such occurrence and ends up with loss of pictures after format error take place on memory card, iPod, pen drive, external hard disk, etc. Whatever might be scenarios behind loss of images but with the improvement in technology one can retrieve such files by means of any third party data recovery tools. Remo Recover is considered best among such tools and has the capability to restore pictures after format error. Video, audio, documents and other files are easily recovered with the help of this high performance tool. You can retrieve memory card being used in many branded cameras like Leica, Sigma, Casio, Fujifilm, Hasselblad, etc. with few clicks of mouse.  It will flexibly work fine on Windows based systems.

List of scenarios behind format error on your computer:

SD card corruption: Disconnecting the device repeatedly during data transfer process or ejecting it while accessing pictures and other contents may result in its corruption. Such type of SD card mishandling can result in format error.

File system corruption: Due to frequent power surge during data transfer process from storage device to computer or logical error may ends up with file system corruption and asks you to format it.

Incompatibility issues: As result of incompatibility issues in memory card you will not be able to access data when you connect it to your PC. To use that storage device in future, you have to format it in that computer.

Other reasons: Old memory card, virus attack, using the same memory card in many electronic devices, etc.

When you encounter format errors while opening memory card, stop using the device and keep it safe in other place. If you use it continuously, then there might be possibility of losing images forever. Hence, in all situations, use this victorious utility to recover pictures after format error. Photo file formats like PNG, BMP, TIFF, JPEG, etc. from all types of memory cards such as SD, XD, CF, MMC and SDHC cards are restored by this faithful tool. It will not do any harm to your memory card and data present in it. Hence, it is called non-destructive software. RAW photographs from all brands of memory cards including SanDisk, HP, Kingston, Lexar and Sony brands are successfully retrieved by means of this spectacular application. Even you can use it to bring back photographs from inaccessible, formatted, unreadable, lost and deleted memory cards.

Actions need to be followed:

Always ensure that your computer is free from viruses or malware before connecting the memory card

Practice good usage of storage device

Avoid using memory card in various storage devices