How to Restore Pictures from Samsung Galaxy Camera

Earlier, people used to find difficulties in keeping their memorable movements alive as there was no proper source. Due to the invention of cameras and other devices has made the users compatible in keeping the special occasions like birthday parties, weddings for longer period by capturing photos. Today, with advanced technologies there are numerous cameras that have been emerged and are in great demand. There are various brands of camera available in market like Samsung, Sony, Nikon, Canon and so on with distinct specifications and features. Among them Samsung camera have evolved unbelievably across the world because of its high resolution and picture quality. Samsung has launched varieties of camera like digital camera, smart camera and the recent one is Samsung Galaxy camera.

Samsung Galaxy camera is point and shoot camera which is based on Android. Some of the specifications of Samsung Galaxy camera are: photos can be shared via Wi-Fi, runs on Android’s 4.1 Jelly Bean, provides huge storage capacity, supports multiple devices for transferring photos and so on. The cherished movements captured by Samsung camera might go missing due to many abnormal reasons like:

  • Low Battery – When you are capturing photos or transferring images from Samsung Galaxy camera to other devices like personal computer or laptop, if camera shut down suddenly in between the process due to low battery percentage. This results in huge loss of photos.
  • Unintentional Formatting – At times, when Samsung Galaxy camera is connected with other devices for exchanging pictures, you might accidentally format camera instead of other drive which leads to loss
  • Memory card corruption – Memory card get corrupted due to many reasons like turning off camera before an image getting saved properly, improper insertion/removal, using in different cameras without formatting it etc. causes photos loss from Samsung Galaxy camera.
  • Unsuccessful Transfer Process – During the process of exchanging pictures from Samsung Galaxy camera to other devices, if memory card is ejected in between the process then there occur transfer error that leads to loss of photos.
  • Other Reasons – Accidental deletion, virus attack, unreliable antivirus software are some of the other reasons for losing images from Samsung camera.

However, instead of feeling bad by losing pictures from Samsung Galaxy camera from all the above mentioned scenarios, think about the solution to overcome it. If you have lost images from Samsung Galaxy camera and searching for any best tool to restore, then here is ideal software called Remo Recover. It is one of the non damaging read only tool which will not alter original files during scanning process instead uses separate file for saving extracted data. This software is completely free from all types of malware infections.

Tips to avoid such scenarios

  • Maintain backup of important photos in any secured storage device
  • Memory card of camera should be scanned regularly
  • Install authorized antivirus software
  • Avoid connecting camera to multiple devices

Amazing features of Remo Recover

Remo Recover is one of the award winning software that can be used to restore pictures from Samsung Galaxy camera. This software is designed with simple user interface, so that the new users can install and run it. It has the capacity to duplicate memory card using which pictures can be restored in later stage easily. An option called Preview permits the users to view images in advance before saving them to particular destination. Remo Recover software can be installed on various versions of Mac operating system like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks. Technical team will be available for 24*7 to resolve any interruptions during retrieval process. Demo version of software can be downloaded from internet to check its efficiency prior purchasing its paid version.

Advanced Software to Retrieve Pictures from Formatted Hard Drive

Format operation is not always voluntarily performed; most commonly it is performed under circumstances evolved due to virus attack. The virus attack can hinder you from accessing files in hard drive. User would like to view document file in computer, but due to virus attack is not able to access such a file. So, user learns that the hard drive is now corrupted and there is need to make it functional again. Some users use format as a means to make the hard drive functional again. But first rule of format is to maintain backup of vital files. If user fails to maintain backup of data and performs format operation, then user may lose all data from hard drive. Here is a surprise for all those users who had lost pictures post format and were unable to retrieve the pictures; by using recovery software user can restore hard drive data post format of hard drive.
How is it possible? This is the obvious questions that user would have in mind. After hard drive is formatted data within gets inaccessible. This is chiefly because the pointer which helps in interfacing data to user gets detached from data itself. Restoration software attaches these pointers to data and also combines any broken bits of data together. There are hundreds of software available in internet market which can give back your precious pictures after format. But, user should be careful to select any software because not all software is free of virus or capable of performing error free recovery. User should use only install and use software which are reputed and corruption-free in nature. One easy way to select such a software is to check selection parameters of software namely user comments, feedback and rating qualifying to be positive. If the parameters are not converging to a positive remark, then it is advised not to select that software. Remo Recover is prominent software helpful in recovering pictures from formatted hard drive.
Remo Recover is specially designed to help people recover pictures of all formats and size from formatted hard drive. It can be used to retrieve pictures from formatted hard drive of various types formats used in all forms of multimedia devices like JPEG, RAW, GIF, TIFF, PNG etc. Software can be used to restore both formatted and reformatted hard drive. Apart from this software can also be used to recover other forms of data such as audio, video and application. File preview is a very convenient means to have a glance of the picture in restoration process. Both Windows and Mac systems are compatible with this software.
Here are few ready to follow steps to recover picture. This small sized software should be installed prior to launch of the software in computer. Select correct option out of “Recover Drives/Partitions”. Once this operation is completed choose “Formatted Recovery”. Initiate recovery process and wair for few minutes. Meanwhile use coveted feature called save recovery session. Once files gets recovered save it in chosen drive.