Efficient Software to Recover Raw Files from SD Card

Data getting RAW in SD card can be very annoying situation and need a practical method to recover data. Before getting into details of recovery lets consider how my files turned into RAW files in my SD card. I had stored hundreds of photos in that SD card but when I was about to convert the file system of the partition, problem erupted. I used third party application which was unreliable in nature to convert the file system. This was my mistake and cost me large number of files including the photos files mentioned above.  So, I was furious to recover the files from SD card. I searched extensively in internet to find a possible way to recover RAW files from SD card. I came across software called Remo Recover (Windows). This software claimed to recover RAW files from SD card immediately in a perfect manner. I installed it in my computer and yes the claims were right to recover in fast and perfect manner. It was from the demo version of the software I came to know about easy way of restoring data.

Most popular RAW file in SD card happens due to human based error. The reasons other than RAW file which make files missing are explained as: Consider, someone wants to delete data from memory card which is not required. But, if the user deletes those files which are important, then this will require immediate recovery. Moreover, user may sometime want to perform other options like selecting file but may end up doing Shift + Delete of data in computer connected to memory card. One more annoying reason for deletion can be the usage of untrustworthy application. User may tend to use applications and choose data from card to edit, if the application is unreliable in nature, then it can most probably lead to deletion of data. Moreover antivirus usage can also result in deletion of data. Suppose user has connected memory card to computer and the antivirus performs its usual scanning procedure. During this scanning procedure if user finds that the data is slightly infected with virus, then it will surely result in that data getting deleted from memory card.

Remo Recover has features to recover RAW files from sd card in an error free manner every time it is utilized. This software uses very small space of computer and is very fast to recover RAW files. Remo Recover allows user to identify and make preview of RAW data on the basis of file attributes like file size, file name or date of creation of file. All types of data are recoverable using this software. Save recovery session is a very helpful feature for busy users. It allows user to make a pause to recovery session and then resume the session at any time as desired by user.

Steps towards restoring RAW files are: Download and start the software. Connect SD card to computer and select all files required for restoration. Start the recovery process and meanwhile use features like file preview and save recovery session for better recovery experience. At last save your files back in SD card.