Retrieve Deleted Audio Data on Mac Computers

Losing your favorite music files from Mac is really very devastating! At times, unknowingly or due to some issues music files may get lost. But there are instances wherein you might intentionally or intentionally delete the music files land up in data loss instances. Many times, you may delete the files thinking them as unwanted and then regret. In such cases you will be worried what can be done? In case you are in such situation and thinking how to recover deleted music files from Mac computers then just read further to know the perfect solution…

Actually few days back even I had deleted some of my important music files unknowingly. I was using my new Mac Mavericks for my official and personal use. Recently I added some music files to the drive and then synced it with my iTunes (latest version). After synchronization I noticed that many of my music files had different extensions. So, I decided to highlight all of my songs in iTunes and set them to be converted to the highest quality mp3. The process was taking quite some time so I let it go overnight. When I opened my Mac in the morning I was shocked to see that duplicate copies of all my songs were created. Then I realized that iTunes doesn’t delete the old songs when converting. By this, I had over 10k songs and hence decided to delete the first set of songs which were still highlighted and emptied the Trash. But then I noticed I only had 500 songs! I was worried so much as I had spent weeks and months together to collect those music files and among them some of them were purchased songs.

After this I was distressed and thus stopped using the Mac. I then shared this incident with my friend who suggested me to use a recovery software. I then searched online and found some tools, among them I tried Remo Recover software after reading he reviews. I first used its free trial version, within few minutes the tool could recover all my deleted music files. I then purchased the tool and saved my files.

Other reasons for music file deletion from Mac?

  • Deleting the music files emptying the trash without checking its contents
  • Error while transferring music files from Mac to external device
  • Improper usage of Cut and Paste command while moving music files from one location to another or from one device to other

In all these instances your favorite music files might get deleted from your Mac computers. But no worries, using this efficient Remo Recover tool you can easily recover deleted audio data from Mac in just simple clicks. It can be any music file format like MP3, WAV, AMR or any other available format. In addition compatible enough to be used on any Mac Version including latest Yosemite.

Other eye-catching traits of this tool

  • It can smoothly recover more than 300 types of files and additionally you can customize the scanning process to recover only required types of files using “Select File Type” option
  • It employs read-only technology thus never damages the files in the entire recovery process
  • Quickly recover even other types of files like videos, pictures, RAW images, documents, PPT files etc.
  • Supports recovery of audio files from various storage devices such as USB drive, memory cards, iPods, FireWire devices, external and internal hard disk etc.
  • Once the data is recovered you can save the same to CD / DVD so that it is well protected, moreover the retrieved data can be compressed such that you can save the disk space
  • With the help of this effective program you can easily perform music file recovery from formatted disk in few easy clicks.
  • Free from virus and in addition consumes very less amount of space for installation
  • Allows you to preview the recovered data before storing it on desired location

Result Driven Software to Recover Deleted Music and Video

Few months ago, I have stored my favorite videos and songs on my computer. Luckily, I found some unwanted files on the same location. So I decided to delete such files but while deleting unnecessary music and videos I had accidentally selected some very important files and deleted them completely using “Shift + Delete” key combination. Now, I am in trouble I need those files at any cost. Please anyone suggest me what I need to do to recover deleted music and video?

This is the most common situation experienced majority of computer users. But when you encounter such type of circumstance then you might get fret. No need to worry, you can avoid permanent deletion of music and video files but for this you need to stop storing other files on the same location. Even after following this safety measure, in order to execute recovery of deleted video and music files use Remo Recover software. It will recover deleted music and video files from flash drive, memory stick, FireWire drive, external hard disk, etc. Video and audio file formats like AVI, MP4, MOV, 3GP, MP3, RA, AIFF, MIDI and AMR are retrieved by means of this substantial utility.      

Scenarios lead to deletion of music and video files from computer are:  

Antivirus tool scanning: While downloading music and videos from internet, there are high chances of virus entry to your computer. In such case, you might plan to scan your system using good antivirus tool but during this case there are high possibilities that music and video might get delete.

Emptying Recycle bin / Trash: At times, you might encounter a situation where you have to empty the Recycle bin / Trash to make free space for additional erased files. If couple of music and videos present in Recycle bin / Trash, then surely they get delete.

Interrupted transfer process: Interrupting music and video files transfer process between PC and pen drive by abruptly ejecting pen drive, abrupt power outage, etc. might lead to deletion of files.

It provides an easy user interface which can be understood by both experts and novice users. It is obtainable in demo edition which helps you to recovered files, this feature will be the added benefit to you because you can testify the capacity of the tool before buying the product. In addition to video and songs recovery, it will restore emails, documents, images, APK files, games, etc. You can make use of this result-driven application to perform deleted video and music files recovery on all latest editions of Mac and Windows systems. It has an option to search for a specific file type which you are looking for, using its customized search feature.

It does detailed scanning of your system hard disk to search and recover all music and video files. The files recovered after scanning can be compressed to match the storage capability of your destination disk to which you want to store recovered songs and videos. In order to avoid rescanning process use “Save Recovery Session” feature. Additionally, it will do recovery of missing, damaged, lost and inaccessible songs and video.

Some points to remember:

Use good antivirus tool to kill viruses

After recovery process avoid storage of the recovered data on the same drive from where you recovered