Can I Restore Photos from BlackBerry

A BlackBerry is a Smartphone and mobile email device made by Canadian company research in motion (RIM). In current era, majority of people across worldwide are using BlackBerry Smartphone’s to take photos or record videos due to high resolution camera. This handset has includes spectacular functions such as schedule management, text messaging, message encryption, superior reception, built in personal digital assistance (PDA) with address book, support for remote administration, document management, can be configured for use as a pager, wireless faxing, high resolution camera, huge storage capacity, etc.

However, at times photos may delete or lost from BlackBerry memory card due to unforeseen reasons, logical glitches or human errors. Are you one among many users who are currently facing photo loss from BlackBerry Smartphone? If yes, then how will you overcome from this problem? Do you have any idea on best Android photo recovery software? In the event, if your reply is “NO” then don’t get worry; because just by utilizing Remo Recover for Android software you can get back pictures from BlackBerry within matter of minutes.

Common Photo Loss Scenarios on BlackBerry Phone are Listed Below:

  • Unintentional Deletion: You may unintentionally delete memorable photos from BlackBerry Smartphone while deleting useless files.
  • Virus Attack: Generally hazardous virus like Trojan, Malware, Spyware, Adware, etc. enters into BlackBerry phone by downloading apps from untrustworthy sites or taking files through Bluetooth from virus infected gadgets, this sort of situations results in photo loss.
  • Formatting BlackBerry Memory Card: At times, you may come across the situation, where your BlackBerry memory card will not detected either by computer or other gadgets, this type of situation occurs due to file system corruption and finally without having other option you have to proceed towards formatting process.
  • Other Reasons: unintentional formatting, mishandling of BlackBerry phone, abrupt removal of memory card, using unreliable third party tools, photo file transfer process interruption, etc.

The above stated scenarios are few common reasons through which BlackBerry phone stored photos get delete or lost. But don’t panic! By making use of Remo Recover software you can effortlessly restore lost or deleted pictures with few clicks of mouse.

Stunning Features of Remo Recover for Android Software:

This utility is robust, efficient, enormously fast, safe and easy to use because of its user friendly designed integrated algorithms to scan and retrieve files from BlackBerry phone. By utilizing this software, you can get back all types of photo files such as BMP, TIFF, GIF, AIF, etc. within matter of minutes. With the aid of this application you can even restore lost or deleted audio tracks, text files including .apk files that are nothing but application package file utmost ease. By utilizing this extremely capable utility, you can easily even perform photo recovery from other brands of Smartphone’s such as Samsung, Motorola, Micro max, LG, Sony, etc. without any difficulty. The software has the ability to scan both interior as well as external storage memory such as SD, XD, MMC, Memory Stick, CF cards enclosed within a small duration of time.

Samsung Galaxy Note Photo Recovery

I am using a Samsung galaxy note which is bought three months before have got zero problems with the Smartphone usage. Very recently I took some of the photograph of my own and my family. But what happened yesterday is a disaster. Unintentionally I deleted some of the most needed photos thinking that it won’t help me further. Now only I am realizing it that they are the wrong one. The worst part is the photos are saved in the phone memory. I am looking for recovery application that has the potentiality to perform Samsung galaxy note photo recovery. If the answer to the question is yes suggest me good recovery software long with its procedural steps.

Yes, you have landed in the right place for the solution. Remo Recover Android is one of the software developed and released by Remo software. This software has a lot of potentiality to pull out the deleted pictures from Samsung galaxy Note.  It powerful internal skeletal algorithm can recover any kind of media files from the Samsung galaxy note. The procedure to use Remo Recover Android is very simple and elegant. Before proceeding to the advanced features of this recovery software and procedural steps for Samsung galaxy note photo recovery we need to know how the deletion disaster has happened. Here are some of the commonly registered deletion problems that can cause disaster and damages to the photos inside Samsung galaxy note.

  • Deletion of photo files either intentionally or unintentionally
  • Photo loss due to synchronization error
  • Photos lost during transferring from one device to another device
  • Photos captured at lower battery charge
  • Photos deleted due to third party applications and spatial issues

These are some of the common causes for the photo files deletion in Samsung galaxy note device. These deletion and lost problems can be solved easily by the Remo Recover Android software. It special features that this software to be in top of the ratings are.

  • Supported all the Android versions used in Samsung galaxy note
  • Supports all photo formats taken in Samsung galaxy note device
  • Supports Samsung galaxy note with variable internal phone memory size
  • Provides technical support all the year round
  • Can connect the Samsung galaxy note device with Windows or Mac PC and start recovering the photos very easily

Procedural steps:

  • Install the software
  • Connect the Samsung galaxy note device to PC
  • Choose “Recover photos” on the main screen
  • Select “Recover deleted photos” or “Recover lost” based on your needs
  • Choose the drive and save the recovered photos in sessions
  • Purchase the software if satisfied and extract the photos from the saved sessions


If you opt for a photo recovery never dump the Samsung galaxy note with further data or images as it may damage the available photos inside the Samsung galaxy note

Software to Recover Deleted Photos from HTC EVO

Most of the mobile users have switched to smart phones from basic ones and HTC EVO is one of the most vibrant smart phone having features that every user craves. This phone enables the user to take good quality of photos because of its high-resolution camera, having large storage space for storing data. Imagine what will go through a user if precious photos stored in HTC EVO get deleted due to one reason or the other. Surely, the user will feel disgusted and helpless in such a situation. To get back the deleted photos from the smart phone user should employ recovery software.

In online market, there are numerous recovery software available. One of the most dependable recovery software to retrieve deleted photos from HTC EVO is Remo Recover for Android. This software is highly ranked in terms of its ability to retrieve deleted photos within short duration of time. Now, let’s understand how a photo gets deleted from a HTC EVO are as follows.

Accidental deletion: Smart phones are flawless in terms of its quick response to touch. For instance, the user while previewing family photos on HTC EVO user may unintentionally touch the option delete the photo. Such an act will lead to deletion of important photos from the gadget.

Antivirus: In this world of digital revolution, programs are the integral part of it. Viruses are nothing but programs designed to do mischievous operation in computers, smart phones and other devices. In smart phones virus may make an entry via sources like connecting to a virus-infected computer or by downloading applications from untrustworthy sites. To eradicate virus from the smart phones antivirus software is used. During the periodic scanning for virus, the antivirus can remove some of the photo files without any prior notification to the user. If a precious photo files gets deleted from the phone, user without worrying make use of recovery software to retrieve the deleted photos.

Third Party application: We use third party application for many purposes, like increasing phone performance. But the third party application installed in your HTC EVO smart phone sometimes does not support because of the incompatibility issues and results in deletion of valuable photo files from the gadget.

Photo file transfer: A user may want to transfer photos from a system to HTC EVO or vice versa. To execute this task, it should be connected to the system via data cable. While transferring photos user may want to select the whole photo file using CTRL A, it can happen that the user accidentally selects delete option for that selected photo file. Such a situation will result in photo files getting deleted from the smart phone.

Remo Recover for Android is enormously competent when coming to the recovery of deleted photos from smart phones like HTC EVO. This software utilizes powerful algorithm to retrieve photo files from both internal and external memory of smart phone. It supports the recovery of different photo files available formats, for e.g.; jpg, gif etc. as well as recovery of deleted audio, video and .apk files. This software is compatible with the older as well as newer versions of android OS used in smart phones like Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean etc. This software is well compatible with all the versions of Windows OS.

It will be good to take some precautionary measures to avoid the deletion of photo files from the smart phone. Maintain back up of photos which in external devices like memory cards, pen drives etc. Always try to keep high battery level, because when the smart phone is in low battery level, any unsaved photo file may get deleted. Never capture any photos when the battery level is real low, because after capturing of the photo, the smart phone may take few seconds to save it in the memory, if in that instant battery goes off then photo will be deleted.