Impressive Utility to Get Back Deleted Photos from Laptop

Usually pictures are the finest way of recalling unforgettable events in anyone’s life. Majority of users preferably make use of digicam for capturing photographs of any events such as birthday, tour, wedding, office parties, etc. These captured pictures sometimes will be stored as backup in their laptops. But like other files photos stored on laptops are always not secure. However, sometimes users mistakenly delete such images instead of deleting unwanted files and folders. In case this sort of incidence takes place with you means you may get fret.

It does not matter whether you delete photos either intentionally or accidentally from laptop but the important thing is to check for availability of backups. When you don’t find backup on any of storage devices like pen drive, memory card, external hard disk, etc. then you might get depressed and lose hope of retrieving pictures from laptop. No need to worry, the god news is that undoubtedly you can recover deleted photos from laptop with the assistance of picture recovery tool. Remo Recover is the best image recovery tool, which is especially launched to meet user’s expectations to perform recovery of deleted photos from laptop.

Major circumstances result in deletion of photographs from laptop:

  • Antivirus tool scanning: Antivirus tool is a most efficient tool which comes for protecting your laptop from harmful viruses and malicious programs. On the other hand, it will not care about the virus infected image files or malicious programs whether they are important for you or not, it removes such files during scanning without any prior notification.
  • Emptying Recycle bin or Trash: Most of the users have the routine of emptying Recycle bin after deleting any files. Sometimes, if any user mistakenly deletes pictures and without checking the existence of pictures click on empty Trash bin or Recycle bin.  
  • Transfer process interruption: In some cases, you plan to transfer your valuable photographs from laptop to portable storage device or vice versa. While doing this process, if you come across any interruptions, then there are chances of image files deletion.

In these cases, without any fear use this widely used utility for recovering picture file formats like PNG, GIF, PSD, TIF, JPG, PEF, X3F, DNG, K25, etc. from laptop. It is user friendly and has highly superior photo recovery skills. Excluding images recovery, it will restore deleted videos, audio, documents, etc. It is compatible with all major editions of Windows and Mac machines. This key driven software will save your time and disk space as it requires very less space for installation. Pictures clicked by means of digital cameras like Fujifilm, Nikon, Canon and Sony are recovered by means of this proficient tool.

It has the potential to undelete deleted images from SD, CF, XD and MMC cards of different models like Sony, Lexar, SanDisk, etc. It is virus free and allows you to compress recovered image files whenever required. It will support photos recovery on other laptops like MacBook Air, iBook G5, iMac and iBook G4. It scans your whole laptop hard disk and get back deleted photos from laptop. It runs great on all models of laptop such as Toshiba, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, Compaq, LG, HP, etc.


  • Install updated antivirus tool on your laptop to protect it from harmful viruses
  • Prevent inappropriate handling of significant photos existing on laptop to avoid accidental photo deletion
  • In case you are transferring large quantity of photos then ensure that is enough quantity of power backup when there is sudden power surge