How to Recover Data from an External Hard Drive Showing CRC Error

Remo Recover software helps you recover data in few simple steps.

A Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) is an error-detecting code used in networks and storage devices to check for any accidental changes to raw data.

When chunks of data enter a system, they are given a short check value based on the remainder of a polynomial division of their contents. At the receiving end, the same calculation is repeated and if both the values do not match, corrective steps should be employed to tackle data corruption.

A Cyclic Redundancy check could be caused by various issues including registry corruption, unsuccessful program installation, cluttered hard drive, or misconfigured files.

Let us look at ways in which we can solve the CRC errors.

  1. Using CHKDSK

CHKDSK or Check Disk is a built-in Windows utility that scans and repairs your drive’s errors.

  • Click on Start
  • In the search bar, type cmd and hit Enter.
  • A Command Prompt window opens. Type chkdsk D: /r (you can replace D with the hard drive you want to scan).
  1. Change Drive Letter
  • Click on Start
  • Now type Control Panel in the search bar.
  • Click System and Security.
  • Now select Administrative Tools.
  • Double click on Computer Management
  • Now click Disk Management under Storage in the left side of the window.
  • Identify your external hard drive on the right side.
  • Right-click on it and select Change Drive Letter and Paths.
  • Go for Change Pick new letter from the list.
  • Click on OK once the process finishes.
  1. Format your hard drive

Formatting your hard drive gets rid of all the errors. It also means you will lose data present on the drive. It is advised to first recover all the data to a different storage device and then format the drive.

Data recovery using Remo Recover software

Remo Recover software shows you in few simple steps on how to recover data from external hard drive showing crc error.

The software can recover data from file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, and ExFAT. You can also restore data from internal and external hard drives, USB drives, Memory cards, FireWire Drives and so on.

Remo Recover helps you restore data from lost, deleted, formatted and re-formatted partitions or drives as well.

If your hard drive is corrupted due to the presence of bad sectors, Remo Recover creates a disk image of the drive, bypassing all the bad sectors and then recovers data from this image.

You can recover USB after format using Remo Recover software.

Just download the latest version of Remo Recover software and follow simple on-screen instructions to recover data successfully.

How to Restore Data From Crashed Hard Drive

Even though computer or laptop is used for many operations like creating new files, folders, PPTs, accessing internet etc. Hard drive plays an important role because files created using system will be stored on drive by default. Hard drive one of the primary storage device that has the ability to store various file types like audio, video, images and other multimedia files securely. Some of the benefits of hard drive are provides large space for data storage purposes, rate of data transfer is high, supports external storage devices for data transfer and retrieval and so on. Since, all files are saved on hard drive, it can be divided into segments called partitions for accessing the files easily. When hard drive gets crashed due to irregular or unavoidable circumstances like bad sectors, unsecured data and so you will be unable to access the data stored on it. Hence, data loss occurs.

Here are few common reasons responsible hard drive crash

  • Presence of Bad Sectors – If there are increased numbers of bad sectors on drive containing important data, then it will not respond to any actions like read/write and become inaccessible. Bad sectors are nothing but defective areas that will generate on hard drive due to scratches, age and so on.
  • File System Corruption – Improper system shut down, hardware conflicts, malware infections etc. are some of the reasons that causes file system corruption. When the file system of hard drive is corrupted due to any one the above mentioned reasons, you cannot access the data stored on it.
  • Unreliable Third Party Tools – As you can download numerous softwares like Adobe reader, antivirus software, partitioning tools etc. of their choice from unknown websites. Sometimes, these applications will not be free from viruses that get transferred to your systems, due severe virus infection hard drive gets crashed
  • Abrupt System Shut Down – While performing any actions on your systems like transferring, retrieving, creating files, editing images etc. if system shuts down due to manual errors, interruptions or power surge etc. there are chances of hard drive failure
  • Repartitioning – Users repartition the hard drive for many reasons like when they want to create new one, to resize existing partition etc. During this process, if there are any errors like using unreliable repartition tool, improper method then hard drive crash occurs and as a result you will be unable to access the data
  • Hard Drive Corruption – Many a times, hard drive get corrupted due to increased number of bad sectors. These bad sectors will not allow the hard drive to respond for read/write operation as a result data present on it will become inaccessible.

Sometimes, data lost due to any of the above mentioned situations cannot be recovered manually. If you have backup of your important files, it is easy to overcome such scenarios. If not, the situation turns critical and you will conclude that data from crashed drive cannot be accessed forever. So, is it impossible to recover your data from crashed hard drive? No, you can retrieve your lost or missing data from crashed hard drive with the help of Remo Recover software.

Why Remo Recover?

Remo Recover is one of the ideal utility to recover data from failed hard drive as it ensures 100% data recovery rate. Is non-destructive read only software which free from all kinds of viruses.

Striking features of Remo Recover to restore data from crashed hard drive

Remo Recover is an ideal recovery tool that can be used to rescue data from crashed drive within few simple steps. It can scan the entire drive in few minutes using advanced recovery mechanisms to get back data from crashed drive at the earliest. Retrieval of data from external storage devices like pen drives, thumb drives, memory cards etc. can be achieved. With the help of an option called Disk image, it will create pictures on hard drive containing bad sectors, so that data can be recovered easily in later stage. This software can be installed on various versions of Windows operating system like Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2008 and Windows 2003 to perform recovery of data from unallocated drive. It is compatible on versions of Mac operating system like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite. Refer this site for more details about Remo Recover Demo version is available for users, to check the efficiency of software in advance before purchasing it.

Tool for Restoring Data from Uninitialized Hard Drive

In general, electronic devices like personal computer, laptop etc. consist of hard drive without which files cannot be saved. That is by default all the documents created on your system gets saved on hard drive. It is one of the primary storage medium which is mainly utilized for storing and retrieving data. These drives provide huge memory space for data storage purposes, files are transferred in high speed, supports multiple devices for data transfer process, reliable and so on.

At times, when you are accessing files on hard drive an error message might get displayed like uninitialized/unallocated. After which you will be unable to access the data available in it. You might be shocked after coming across such scenarios and will start searching the exact reason to overcome it. In such situations, try initializing hard disk utilizing disk management i.e. go to Disk Management->right click on the hard drive that should be initialized->click on Initialize Disk option. In this procedure your disk might get initialized but you will lose the entire content available in it which is great disaster. So, you should have a proper backup before initializing hard drive.

Another way for recovering files from uninitialized hard disk is by utilizing efficient recovery software. Here is one such software known as Remo Recover that supports both Windows and Mac operating system.

Remo Recover because:

  • Non damaging read only tool i.e. will not modify vital data during scanning process rather extracts and save in new file.
  • 24*7 technical assistance will be provided to solve any kind of problems that arises during establishment process, recovery process etc.
  • Prior purchasing the software, you can download the demo version from internet to check its adequacy.
  • Absolutely free from different kinds of malware infections

Apart from internal hard drive, the same problem might arise even in external hard drive too. External hard drive is another type of hard drive which is portable in nature. These drives can be easily connected with system using data cables for transferring or retrieving files. Here is one simple example: I always prefer external hard drive for sharing files from one system to another or vice versa. Couple of days back, I accidentally pulled external hard drive in between the process after which I am not able to see the hard drive on my system. With the help of device manager, got to know that hard drive is uninitialized. Not to worry, Remo Recover will recover files from uninitialized hard drive in few easy steps.

Other Notable features of Remo Recover:

  • Remo Recover is ultimate software that can be used for recovering files from uninitialized hard drive
  • This tool will create images on hard drive containing bad sectors using Disk option that helps to recover data effortlessly in later stage
  • Compatible with various file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS, HFSX and ExFAT
  • It has the ability to save disk memory by compressing the retrieved files into single folder called ZIP file
  • By specifying name, date, extension, size you can view the required files from huge list of recovered files
  • You can view the recovered data in advance before sending them to particular destination with the help of an option called Preview
  • Supports different hard drives like Seagate, Lexar, Buffalo, Samsung, HP, Sony, SanDisk, Toshiba and so on

Here are some of the common reasons for due to which hard drive becomes uninitialized:

  • MRB Corruption – The main reason behind MRB corruption is dreadful malware infections. These harmful viruses gets replicates themselves and might corrupt the boot sector of hard drive as a result drive becomes uninitialized
  • File System Corruption – File system is an organized structure utilized by OS to access the files available in hard drive. When it gets corrupted due hardware conflicts, software clashes etc. then OS fails to identify hard drive
  • Presence of Bad Sectors – When hard drive contains increased number of bad sectors, it will fail to respond for operations like read/write due to which hard drive becomes inaccessible. Bad sectors are defective areas that gets generated on hard drive due to aging, multiple usages etc.
  • Operating System Corruption – Due to malfunctioning, operating system fails to recognize hard drive. This usually takes place, when vital system files go missing due which OS fails to boot the hard drive

Important tips to remember:

  • Have a backup of hard drive in any virus free external storage device/drive
  • Terminate your Windows/Mac systems accurately after working on it
  • Do not overwrite uninitialized hard drive until you perform recovery process
  • Install authorized third party applications
  • Avoid interruptions while accessing hard drive for previewing, exchanging files


Software for Recovering ExFAT Partition

Partitions are nothing but different segments available on hard drive of computer that are mainly used to store data. There are many advantages of partitions like it increases speed of the system, permits to access more than one operating system on single computer, memory space can be utilized effectively. The details of all these partitions like size, filename, location will be present on file table like Extended File Allocation Table without which it is unable to locate files.

File Allocation Table is file system that consist of table which is used by operating system to locate files on disk. If fragmentation takes place, files will be divided into numerous sections and gets separated in and around the disk. These pieces are kept in track by FAT file system. There are various file systems like FAT, FAT 16, FAT 32, ExFAT, NTFS and many more. ExFAT is one among them which stands for Extended File Allocation Table, is extension of FAT file system with more advanced features. Some of the features of ExFAT are : it can be used for high speed data transfer up to 300mbps, utilizes modern storage allocation table for increased speed, supports various external storage devices and so on.

However, at times there are chances of losing or deleting ExFAT partition from your system. Here is one such common instance wherein you will have  using FAT 16 file system to maintain all the files available on external hard drive in organized way. Since it was not feasible and was restricted to size limit, you will opt ExFAT file system temporary for some important task using USB flash drive. After completing the work, you want to transfer files from ExFAT file system available on USB flash drive to computer got a pop message like “format” as hard drive was infected from virus. Without thinking much clicked ok after which you will realize that format process will clear all the files present on USB flash drive. Is it possible to restore files that are deleted from ExFAT file system? Yes, with the help of software called Remo Recover you can recover files from ExFAT drive in few simple mouse clicks.

Other reasons responsible for deletion or loss of files from ExFAT partitions are:

  • Repartition – Sometimes, situations arises like users are forced to perform repartition on ExFAT file system to modify the existing table or while creating new partition may lead in deletion of files from ExFAT.
  • File system corruption – File system is an essential component that keeps track of all the files in an organized manner. If file system is only corrupted due to software malfunctions, hardware conflicts etc. files from ExFAT file system get deleted.
  • Human blunders – Accidental deletion of files from ExFAT instead of other files, unnecessary modification of ExFAT table, selecting wrong options like delete etc. are some of the mistakes performed by users because of which they face deletion of files from ExFAT file system.
  • Unintentional formatting – Formatting is a process that erases entire information available in data storage device completely. In such cases, if users accidentally perform formatting on ExFAT file system without their knowledge results in deletion of files.
  • Inaccurate transfer process – If there are any interruptions like sudden power loss, lack of memory, improper shut down of system in between the process of exchanging files from ExFAT partition to other devices results in data loss

In order to recover files from ExFAT file system by defeating all these scenarios, as mentioned above make use of Remo Recover which is compatible on all versions of Windows and Mac operating systems.

Supported Windows operating systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003

Supported Mac operating systems: Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite

More about Remo Recover

  • Recovery of files from formatted, reformatted, inaccessible partitions can be achieved
  • It will scan the entire ExFAT partition in few minutes for recovering deleted or lost files at the earliest
  • With the help of a feature called Save Recovery Session, rescanning process of drive repeatedly can be avoided and thus time can be saved
  • If you have any issues during recovery process can be solved any time as technical team will be available for 24*7

Safety Measures

  • Always preserve a extra copy of important files
  • Utilize trustworthy antivirus software
  • Connect your system to UPS whenever it is in use
  • Make use of licensed recovery tools

Retrieve Accidentally Formatted Hard Drive

Have you formatted the hard drive accidently and lost all the data from it? Well, most of users would have faced a common scenario while accessing their hard drives in computers. Now the question may arise in your mind like “Is there any solution to solve this problem?” The answer is, yes, you do. Because the data from the formatted hard drive will not get erased completely as it will be only marked as available, where you can store your new data. So, in that case, you can easily retrieve the formatted data from your hard drive using standard recovery tool like Remo Recover. Be sure that you don’t access the hard drive immediately after it is formatted to avoid overwriting on it.

Before that, it is important to get to know the reasons behind the data loss due to formatting of hard drive. There are some unavoidable instances listed below which causes the data loss

  • Accidental formatting – You may format wrong partition from the hard drive unknowingly by clicking on the format button which results in data loss
  • Format Errors – You may receive error messages like “Disk needs to be formatted” or “Disk in drive is not formatted?” while trying to access the hard drive. When these type of error message occurs you have no other option and formatting the hard drive becomes mandatory
  • System crash – The system may crash due to improper usage of hard drive like abrupt shutdown or improper conversion of file system etc. At such times it may show Blue Screen of Death(BSOD) which results in deletion of data from the hard drive
  • Partitioning Error – Partitioning the hard drive using unreliable third party utilities may affect the hard drive through which you may lose the partition

There are many other reasons which requires you to perform formatting like while reformatting the hard drive, reinstallation of OS, configuring the drive etc. But you need the proper backup of hard drive data before performing those operations, or else, you may end up with data loss. If you don’t have the proper backup, then you can tackle such situations by using Remo Recover software.

How to retrieve data from the hard drive which has been accidently formatted?

Remo Recover has been designed by experts with advanced recovery algorithms which performs the deep scan in your accidently formatted hard drive and searches for the data. After completing the search, it retrieves all the data that has been formatted and provides the complete list of data. You can retrieve the required data or even you can search for the particular data using “Find” tool which is the enhancing feature built in with the software.

The recovery process can be saved and at the later point of time, it can be resumed as per your convenience. You can also check the recovered data for its correctness using “Preview” option. The recovered data can sorted based upon their name, file size and file creation date. To view the recovered data in a better way, the software provides two types of views like Data Type and File Type view. In Data type view, you can view the data in the hierarchical structure, whereas, in File type view you can view the recovered data based on their file extensions.

Points to Remember to avoid data loss due to formatting of hard drive

  • Take backup of essential files and save them on reliable memory so that you can use them in data loss instances
  • Avoid installing unreliable third party software which may corrupt your hard drives
  • Just make sure that you have selected the right drive before formatting it
  • Do not use the hard drive immediately after formatting it

How to Retrieve Files from Formatted Hard Drive in Windows 8

Formatting of hard drive is needed while you’re trying to change to a new operating system, selling your computer, or setting up an external drive for memory storage. But formatting needs more care and proper backup has to be taken, otherwise you may lose data. In some other cases, you might have accidently formatted the hard drive with no backup taken before, is a huge data loss. At such times, don’t jump to any negative conclusions, as the formatted data has not been permanently deleted from the hard drive and can be retrieved back using Remo Recover application.

Remo Recover – Safe way to get back your formatted data in Windows 8

Remo Recover software has been designed by experts which retrieves the data formatted accidently or due to any other reasons from Windows 8 operating systems. Built with advanced scanning and recovering algorithm, it takes very less amount of time to recover the data. Data recovery from formatted partitions even after reinstalling the Windows can also be done by Remo Recover. As soon as the software is launched, the tool completely scans the entire hard drive and retrieves files of any type like word, ppt, pdf, video, audio and excel files etc. without requiring much effort from user’s side.

To learn more about Remo Recover software, click on the following link

Some of the features of Remo Recover includes

  • Supports data recovery from SATA, SCSI, SSD, IDE etc. hard drives
  • Retrieve data even from reformatted or repartitioned hard drives
  • Data retrieval from inaccessible or unbootable hard drive
  • Recovers data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT formatted partitions
  • Bad sector problems can be handled by the software by creating disk images
  • Supports data recovery even from SD, SDHC, MMC, XD memory cards, Memory stick etc., external USB hard drives and FireWire drives.
  • The entire data recovery process can be saved using the “Save Recovery Session” feature which can be used at desired point of time
  • “Preview” option can be used after recovery to check the correctness of the file
  • The data recovered can be saved to any desired location like CD/DVD or to external storage devices

Data loss scenarios in Windows 8

  • Accidental formatting – sometimes you may click on the format option which deletes your entire data in the hard drive
  • Error messages – “You need to format the disk in drive: x before you can use it. Do you want to format it now?” these kind of error messages may appear while trying you access the drive. You can neither use format option nor open the drive
  • Installation of OS – while upgrading or reinstalling OS you might have used formatting option without proper backup
  • Multi OS installation – when you require multiple operating system in the same computer then you need to format the hard drive which leads corruption of partition and data loss

Other reasons to data loss are deleting files using Shift + Del option, partitioning errors, file system conversion and system restore errors etc.

Things to remember to avoid file loss in Windows 8

  • Take backup of necessary data which helps in data loss scenarios
  • Have proper assistance before doing restoration process using CD provided with the system
  • think for a while before selecting the drive for formatting