Software for Videography Enthusiasts to Get Videos Back from MMC

I recently purchased camcorder and am not able to view captured videos in my computer!

In such a case, consider the following possibilities. If user was able to view captured videos in camera and was not able to view those videos in computer, then surely there are chances that while transferring files corruption of video occurred. This can happen when user has initiated transfer of video file from camcorder to computer and in the transferring process user accidentally removes connecting cable. Such a situation is capable of corrupting video file and user may not get playable even in the camcorder itself. Another possibility is that while capturing videos user accidentally presses power off button. If such is the case then surely the captured video has got corrupted. There are more reasons too for any video file in MMC memory to get corrupted. To avoid such scenarios, follow below given measures:

Humble measures:

Always follow proper steps to remove MMC card from multimedia devices. Secondly, maintain backup of important videos in external hard drive, pen drive or even in computers. Use antivirus software in computer to remove viruses. If user inserts MMC card to virus infected computer, then there are severe chances of file getting corrupted. A more important step which any user can take is not to use unfaithful third party application software in computer. Suppose, a user has connected MMC card to computer and wants to edit certain videos, then while editing using untrustworthy third party application software, those videos may get corrupted. Usually user forgets to follow the above mentioned simple precautions. If it has happened to you, then using a third party application software like Remo Recover to recover such videos can work wonders.

Why use this software?

This software is awesome software which hardly takes few minutes of duration to recover large sized video files. Remo Recover has gathered high ratings, its positive user feedback prove this highlighted point.

Amazing features:

Remo Recover performs recovery of video files such that there is no error seen in the recovered file. All major memory card types are supportable using this software. Also, recovery of video files from other storage device is also possible using this awesome software. This software allows user to get back video from MMC and also of all possible video formats like JPEG, CR2, GIF etc. The reason behind heavy usage of this software is because recovery of lost file is performed on copied version of the original file, thus removing any possibility of file corruption. This software is compatible with all major versions of both Windows and Mac computers. One very popular feature called save recovery session allows user to pause the recovery session and resume it at any other time as desired by the user.

Simple steps to perform video recovery:

  • Start the software in your computer.
  • Select “Recover Photos” and next choose “Recover Lost/Deleted Photos” option.
  • Choose the MMC drive in computer and initiate scanning process.
  • Perform preview option if required.
  • After recovery, save the recovered video file in destined location.