Recover Data from a Formatted Laptop Hard Drive

Remo Recover software can restore all the formatted hard drive data in a safe and secure way.

You are planning to sell your laptop to your friend. Before you do that, you want to clear all your personal files and folders from the system. Instead of going through each file and folder, you decide formatting is the way to go.

After formatting the drive, you realize there were certain files you didn’t have a backup of. Before you do anything with the drive, stop. If you try to add or make any sort of changes on the drive, overwriting could happen and the data recovery process will not be possible.

Remember that once the data is deleted, lost or formatted, only the directory entry of the files (which contains the file name and list of blocks on the disk) is deleted. The list of blocks in the directory is then marked as free. The contents of the files are still present on the system until they are overwritten by new files occupying their space on the drive.

Recover formatted data using Remo Recover software

Remo Recover software provides you a simple solution on how to recover data from laptop after format.

The software scans the entire hard disk thoroughly, identifies the presence of any bad sectors if the drive is corrupted. Once the scan is complete, Remo Recover securely restores all the data to a destination folder that you specify.

If there were any bad sectors on your hard drive, Remo Recover creates a disk image of the drive bypassing all the bad sectors. It then recovers data from this image.

Remo Recover is the best data recovery software to restore data from lost, deleted, formatted or re-formatted hard drives. It also supports file recovery from several file systems including NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32, and ExFAT.

Remo Recover software also enables you to retrieve data from all versions of Windows and Mac Operating systems. If you had created partitions on your hard drive and accidentally deleted data or entire partitions, you can still recover data thanks to Remo Recover software.

All kinds of file types including audios, office documents, videos, and photos can be recovered using Remo Recover software. If the file type you are searching for isn’t listed, you can always add new file type using raw signature search option.

If you are using Windows 8, you can easily recover data from Windows 8 formatted drive as well.

What are you waiting for? Just download and install the latest version of Remo Recover software. Follow some simple on-screen instructions and your data will be back in no time!

Incredible Software to Recover Data after Formatting Mac

I formatted my Mac drive out of hurry. Is it possible to recover the data? Help!

My Mac computer was hosting an external hard drive. Hard drive was not responding in a way it should have been. So, I considered formatting the external drive. Though the intention was pure and humble but it lead to some unwanted results. As we know prior to format we have to choose the drive. In Mac computer instead of choosing the external drive I chose Mac drive for formatting. This act resulted in chaos. All the data from the Mac drive got lost and was nowhere visible. I believe nobody would like to get trapped in such an adverse condition. Now my task was to get back those crucial files. I made groundbreaking search in internet platform and found a very reliant way called Remo Recover. This software has features worth ten different software. I depended on this software based on the user review about the software. After using this software, I got exactly what I was looking out for, i.e. all the lost data from formatted Mac. Some of its features are explained below.

Variety software:

Remo Recover is capable of recovering data out of various scenarios which may sound to be even unfamiliar one to the user. Using Remo Recover formatted data recovery Mac is possible out of deletion, corruption or any data loss scenario. Data of hundreds of different types are recoverable using this software. Some of the broad categories are audio, video, picture, document and applications. All these forms of data are recovered in a complete basis using this top software. Recovery of data is possible from various file system like HFS +, HFS X and others used in Remo Recover. The graphical user interface used in this software is incredible and made keeping in mind the fact that first time users get clueless while using the software. So, the interface developed for this software is very much user friendly oriented. Versions of Mac OS like Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard are compatible with this software and other latest versions are also supported.

More scenarios:

Formatting of data can happen due to variety of reasons. Suppose user wants to install the latest or re install the already installed OS in Mac computer. In such cases as we know format is a must. But user should be careful while going for OS installation. To take proper measures user should take backup of important data in external storage device. If this backup of data is not maintained and format is performed ignorantly, then it is the direct cause of loosing large chunk of data from Mac computer.

Steps to get back Mac data:

  • Initiate the software in your computer.
  • Select “Recover Volumes/Drives” in Your Mac computer.
  • Checkmark all those files required for recovery and start eh scanning process.
  • Meanwhile use features like save recovery session or file preview.
  • Save recovered file in your chosen location.