Top Software for Kingston Flash Card Recovery

The best branded flash card is not responding properly, is it a betrayal by Kingston?

Before making such revolting comments one should check which brand is brought into light for irregularities. Kingston has been a favorite brand for most of those users who want extra storage for there multimedia devices. This brand has proved itself to be a good source of memory storage irrespective of the data loss scenarios. First of all the doubt should be made on user’s using habit of the flash card. Suppose it can happen that the user has ejected the flash card improperly from camera or has mounted it without following proper way. These tiny reasons can cause huge loss to data stored in it and will require recovery. Before directly getting into the way of recovery ones data gets lost, let’s consider some of the ways by which user end up losing data from Kingston flash card.

Various reasons:

User may tend to format a drive which is not the required drive. A user, who has connected flash card to computer, later wants to format a particular drive in computer. But instead of formatting the computer drive happens to format flash card. This scenario is a simple example of mistake committed by user. Similarly, a user may also delete the whole Kingston flash card instead of deleting a drive which was intended to. Next, big reason hangs around transferring of files. A user would like to transfer data from flash card to computer. So, user has initiated data progress, while transferring of data is in progress. It can possibly happen that user accidentally disconnects the connection between the two devices. If it happens then it is the open invitation to flash card data getting lost. The most dangerous scenario is virus attack. Another reason is when user while browsing features in camera accidentally presses option like delete all or format. This action is the essential cause of whole flash card data getting lost.

All these scenarios require usage of some sort of third party application. It can get difficult for a beginner user to choose for efficient third party application. Remo Recover is one such efficient application performing complete recovery of flash card.

Attractive features:

Remo Recover has features which makes it a must try software for recovering Kingston flash card. This software is compatible with most of popular brands of data storage like Kingston which are SanDisk, Seagate, Toshiba, Sony etc. The recovery is possible at various levels. User can choose to recover the complete flash card or can recover individual data or files. The recovery of data is provided of various formats like JPEG, MP4, MP3, DOC etc. User can also choose to save the recovered flash card data in the desired location prior to recovery. It takes less than a second to recover single small sized data and may take few minutes to recover data from large sized multiple data. This software is compatible with most of the version of Windows operating system.

Fabulous Software to Perform Canon Compact Flash Card Recovery

Canon Compact flash card is most suited flash card for cameras. This small sized card has great importance. Let’s see how.

A photographer using costly professional camera to capture beautiful naturalistic photos and may store it in Canon Compact flash card inside camera. If the compact flash card somehow gets corrupted, then the photographer’s hard work will all go in wane and user may no longer be able to view those professionally captured photos. For a beginner user, who has tried same Canon Compact flash card in number of cameras and finally end up losing the flash card, will go through some severe distressful situation and finally may want recovery of the card. In such situation user search in internet for a reliable source of recovery of flash card, sometimes out of hurry they forget other option and consider buying new flash card. Just because the flash card was not properly functioning they may waste money to buy new card. This is in fact is not at all required. There are other ways like installing third party application software in your computer and trying to recover the flash card. Next question which comes in every one’s mind is that which third party application should be depended upon. Internet market is filled with such applications. One may even get confused and choose the wrong one.

Best software:

Remo Recover is the software which every camera user having Canon Compact flash card in it should depend upon. Due to its compatibility of recovering flash card from various card loss scenarios, it becomes ideal for both amateur and professional photographers to use this software.

More Features:

Remo Recover is a kind of software which is compatible to recover all forms of memory card like flash card, memory card etc. This software can even be used to recover files from large storage devices too like hard drive, pen drive etc. Remo Recover is compatible with recovery of Canon Compact flash card as well as its various variants. Recovery of individual files in flash card is also possible using this software. Some of the files most commonly stored in Canon Compact flash card are photos, videos and audios; all these are recoverable using this awesome software. Using this software, user also gets the option to pause the recovery session for the recovery of large number of files and then resume it after some time.

Steps to recovery:

  • Start the software in your computer and connect the flash card.
  • Select “Recover Photos” option and then choose appropriate option depending upon the flash card loss scenario.
  • Now, select the flash card drive in computer.
  • Next, initiate the scanning and recovery session.
  • After this process ends, save the recovered files from compact flash card in desired location.

Supported scenarios:

While files are in transfer process, if one removes the cable connecting camera and computer. Then, the flash card may get lost. Using untrustworthy third party application in computer and connecting flash drive to it. Other major scenarios include virus infection in computer.