How to Recover Deleted Videos from Recycle Bin

What to do if videos are deleted from recycle bin? Is it possible to recover them?

Yes, you can recover videos deleted from recycle bin using data recovery software. To explain how this works, any file deleted from recycle bin still resides on the hard drive. It is not permanently deleted, but the system marks this space as available for reuse. A data recovery tool scans your hard drive, locates deleted files and recovers them.

Remo Recover

Remo Recover is a great tool to recover videos deleted from the recycle bin. All types of video files such as MP4, MOV, AVI, etc are supported. In addition to recovering files from your system, data can be also be recovered from internal and external hard drives, USB’s, memory cards and other storage devices.

The software provides a user-friendly interface with instructions provided in each step of the recovery process. So you don’t need to be a technical expert to recover your files. Just the follow the simple instructions provided and if you still have questions, contact our technical support team. They are available 24 X 7.

Apart from retrieving videos, you can also use the software to recover all types of data such as pictures, documents etc. A preview feature is provided to allow you to preview recovered files before saving them.

How to recover deleted videos from recycle bin?

Recovering video files from recycle bin is a simple process and can be performed in a few steps.

  1. Download and install Remo Recover software on your system
  2. Run the software by double-clicking on the icon created during the setup process
  3. Then choose Recover photos from the main screen and then select Recover Deleted Photos
  4. The software scans your hard drive and displays files as a list
  5. To recover video files, check Video file type and preview the file using Preview feature
  6. Save the file to the desired location

Note: To recover deleted videos successfully, make sure you don’t use the drive in which videos were deleted. Using the system will overwrite deleted files and cause permanent data loss, in which case the file cannot be recovered.

How to Retrieve Files from Unreadable Memory Cards

Memory cards used in various electronic gadgets like mobile, camera and computers may get damaged easily and becomes inaccessible. At such times, you may not be able to open the files inside the memory cards. Lot of important files like images, audio, video and other documents stored in the memory card may go missing if further action is not taken.

Losing your life time valuable photos or adventurous videos is unacceptable. Some users may think of recovery methods and conclude that it is a complex process. But it is not, you can do it very easily using Remo Recover software. Remo Recover software can retrieve all the data from your unreadable memory cards. It supports different types of memory cards like SD, SDHC, SDXC, CF, XD and MMC etc.

Retrieve your files back from inaccessible memory cards using Remo Recover software

Remo Recover performs the deep scan using its advanced recovery algorithms and restores the files from inaccessible memory cards. It can even retrieve formatted files or files deleted accidently from the memory cards. Memory cards with FAT 16, NTFS, NTFS 5, FAT 32, HFS +, ExFAT and HFS + file systems are supported by Remo Recover software. It can retrieve various types of files like text documents and audio, video file formats like mp4, mp3 and other media files etc.

The RAW images from the memory card can also be retrieved without much effort using Remo Recover software. To retrieve RAW files from DSLR cameras, you need a well-built tool like Remo Recover since RAW images are unprocessed by any software.

Additional features of Remo Recover

  • Retrieves files from formatted or reformatted partitions
  • “Save recovery session” option can be used to save the recovery session and resume it at any later point of time
  • “Preview”, using this option you can be able to view the recovered files and check them

Popular brands of Memory card supported by Remo Recover

Kingston, Transcend, Sony, Toshiba, Kodak, Samsung etc. are some of memory card supported by Remo Recover

What causes Memory card inaccessibility?

  • Memory cards can become inaccessible if they are not ejected from the camera properly. Abrupt removal of memory card while the camera is still in use may damage the card and the files
  • File system of memory card may get corrupted due to improper usage which leads to inaccessibility of card
  • Overloading the memory card by adding the data beyond its limit makes the card unreadable
  • Error messages like “drive not formatted. Do you want to format it now” may pop out if the memory card is corrupted. At such times, it leaves you no option but to format it
  • Removing the card from a card reader while folders and files from the card are open on a computer may also leads to damage

In general, file loss due to some other scenarios can also be tackled using Remo Recover software. They are accidental deletion of files from memory card, file loss due to interruption caused during data transfer, switching off the device while it is still processing, using device with low battery etc.

Tips to protect memory cards and avoid unreadability

  • Avoid using same memory cards in multiple devices
  • Eject memory card using safe remove option
  • Have proper backup of memory card data which will help you in data loss scenarios

Retrieve MS Office Files

Many organizations and professionals use the programs in the MS Office Suite on a daily basis, which makes it highly popular among people. In each and every updated version of Microsoft Office, new features have been introduced which enhances the performance of our work. It has so many advanced characteristics like Cloud Integration, Read Mode, Tablet-Friendly, Simple Editing and Adding Videos to Documents etc.

But MS Office files, if not handled properly, may get deleted or lost sometimes. It may happen due human or technical errors. Important files in which you have spent long hours and effort may get deleted in fraction of seconds and cannot be found.

Commonly Observed MS Office File Loss Scenarios

  • Sometimes you might have formatted the drives to remove unwanted files and later realized that the important office files are deleted along with that
  • Selecting important files and deleting it rather than selecting unwanted files
  • Removing the external storage devices abruptly from the system while transferring or receiving the office files
  • Closing the office applications in an improper way

At such file loss instances, many of them think of recreating the file which consumes lot of time and energy. The wise option is to choose advanced recovery tool like Remo Recover to retrieve the deleted or lost files from the system.

MS Office File Recovery using Remo Recover Software

Are you searching for the solution to recover the office files which have been deleted or lost under any circumstances? Thinking of how to recover office files deleted or lost from the system? Then the right option is to use Remo Recover software. The files can be recovered faster and easier without any effort by using this file recovery tool. It can recover any type of MS Office files like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint etc.

Once the tool is launched it performs the deep scan of the entire drive and recovers the deleted or lost files quickly. The files deleted using command prompt or “Shift + Del” key can also be easily recovered. It can retrieve the Office files residing in various mediums such as hard drives, USB drives, flash memory cards, FireWire drives and memory cards like SD, SDHC and XD etc.

Added Advantages of Remo Recover

Remo Recovers comprises of many advanced features

  • More than 300 different file types can be recovered by this recovery tool
  • It can identify and recover file types on the basis of their unique signatures
  • You can sort the recovered file on the basis of their names, file type and size
  • Find” option can be used to identify the particular file from the recovered results
  • You can use “Save Recovery Session” option and resume the recovery process at any time without rescanning your drive
  • Use “Preview” option to evaluate the recovered files
  • You can save the recovered files to any storage devices like CD/DVD and to other external storage devices.
  • Two different views are supported by this software like Data type view and File Type view. Data type view shows the recovered file according to data type and file type view shows the list in hierarchical view.

The file recovery from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT partitions / drives is possible by using this software. It enables file recovery from SATA, SCSI,  IDE hard drives and flash memory cards like SD, XD, MMC, Memory Stick etc, USB external drives, FireWire Drives, iPods etc.

Versions of Windows Operating System supported by Remo Recover

Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 or 2008 server are the versions of Windows Operating System supported by Remo Recover.

Avoid file loss scenarios

  • Check for the important files before emptying the recycle bin.
  • Avoid using unreliable third party software which may delete the important files residing in your system.
  • File transfer has to done without any interruptions
  • Close the MS Office application in ethical way
  • Have backup of important files to compensate in file loss scenarios.

Retrieve MPG Video Files

“Hi everyone, can anyone help me in retrieving my MPG video files. Last week I accidentally deleted few MPG files from my external hard drive. The thing is that I don’t have any extra copy of it and I can’t afford to lose it. Is there any other way to recover MPG video files other than opting for data recovery centers?”

Yes, you can easily restore MPG files from your drive with utmost ease without going to data recovery centers. It might be a nightmare to you when you realized that your favorite MPG files are deleted or lost. Henceforth, don’t be tensed as you can recover MPG files easily using some good file recovery software.

How File recovery is possible?

When most of you come to know about MPG file recovery application they often think how it is possible to recover deleted or lost MPG files? Actually speaking there is no magic behind data recovery process. The logical reason is that when any file is deleted from memory space only its location address is erased and not the file completely. This makes the file hidden in memory space and indicates free space. Thus data recovery process can be performed unless and until you overwrite that free space with new data.

Similar is the case with MPG video files and in order to recover it from the system you need some reliable and trustworthy video file recovery software. Remo Recover is the efficient and reliable solution for the question how to recover MPG files? This software has the ability to restore deleted, missing or formatted MPG files easily in less amount of time.

Why Remo Recover Software is the best Tool?

Remo Recover software can easily recover MPG files that are deleted or lost on the basis of its unique signature. It has well advanced scanning algorithms which has the ability to easily find and locate MPG files in few seconds. You can even retrieve MPG files that bypass Recycle Bin or Trash folder. Along with it, this tool also helps you to find MPG file that are emptied from Recycle Bin or Trash folder.

Apart from MPG video files, it has the ability to recover all types of video files like MOV, AVI, MP4, M4V, and so on. This software can also recover images, audios, RAW pictures, Word files, etc. It restores files from HFS, FAT, and NTFS File Systems without any complications. Moreover, this application can be used to overcome data loss situations due to numerous scenarios. Some of them are explained below:

  • The most general cause is due to accidentally deletion. You can easily delete some MPG files accidentally while clearing unwanted files. Sometime, you may even empty Recycle Bin or Trash folder after deleting some files without cross checking it. Thus this all can contribute to data loss situation.
  • Some of you may also make use of some shortcut keys to delete MPG files. For e.g. Shift Delete combination key or command prompt option can be used to clear some files including MPG. Files deleted using such keys skip Recycle Bin or Trash folder.
  • You may also format partition or drive in which MPG files are stored. If no backup is maintained then it may lead to huge loss of data situation.
  • If MPG file is been transferred from computer to external devices or vice versa and during the process if there is some interruption then it is possible to loss some MPG files causing data loss situation.

Moreover, it supports recovery of media files from all camera and camcorder like Sony, Kodak, Panasonic, Canon, Olympus, Sigma and many more. This recovery software also supports recovery of media files from SD card, memory cards, external hard drives, iPod, Thumb drive and many more. It works smoothly on all latest versions of Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

Some Unique options provided by Remo Recover Tool:

  • Signature to the files which are not listed can be added or edited
  • Find Tool option is used to find required files from restored data list
  • Save Recovery Session helps to avoid re-scanning of entire system
  • Preview option is provided to check restored file before saving it
  • Option to save restored file in any location.
  • Retrieved files can be compressed into ZIP format.


  • It is suggested that you should maintain backup of important file and should regularly update it.
  • Install licensed and updated antivirus software.
  • Cross verify files and folders saved in Recycle Bin or Trash folder.


  • Avoid using the drive or system after you experience data loss situation.
  • Do not deleted files blindly; do check it once before erasing it.
  • Avoid saving recovered files in the location from where it was restored.

Potent App to Recover Deleted JPG Files

Generally, photos can help users to recollect memorable moments in everyone’s life. Digital cameras are used to capture pictures of wedding events, parties, birthdays, etc. Images clicked by digicam are of several formats such as JPG, JPEG, PSD, BMP, GIF, TIF, etc. Among these, JPG format is most widely used and is supported by many digital cameras to store pictures. The clicked images are saved with file extension “.jpg”.  However, while handling digital cameras, you may accidentally delete JPG files. If such files were important to you and you do not have backup in laptops and other devices, then just stay calm as images can be easily retrieved.

After deleting JPG files either accidentally or purposely you may realize their importance in your life and you may decide to check out for backup files. Sometimes, you may get backup but it does not suit for your current situation or that backup may not be available for you. Thus, your problem begins to rise and you start thinking is it possible to undelete deleted JPG files? Yes, if you seriously looking to recover deleted JPG files at any cost, then here is finest solution. By means of Remo Recover utility, it is very easy to get back images of more than 300 several file types. Employ this highly praised app to retrieve JPG files from memory cards like SD, SSD, XD, CF and MMC cards of renowned manufacturing brands like Sony, Kingston, SanDisk, Transcend, etc.

JPG files get delete due to following situations:

  • Intentional deletion: Most of the times, when your memory card becomes full you may delete the JPG and other files. Later, you may realize the importance of those files.
  • Antivirus tool scanning: Your memory card is highly susceptible to virus infection. If you connect your memory card to many computers, then there is possibility of virus infection to memory card and the JPG and other files become inaccessible. Later, to remove viruses you decide to scan that storage device using updated antivirus tool. During scanning process, if it finds any severely corrupted files then it deletes such files including JPG.
  • Sudden power breakdown:  Sudden power failure while copying JPG files using cut and paste operations can ends with deletion of those files from computer.
  • Accidental deletion: Deletion of JPG files can take place when you accidentally select the “Delete All” option present on the digital camera during preview process.

Useful suggestions:

  • Before deleting JPG files from hard drive or memory card just read their contents carefully and then delete.
  • After deleting JPG files, do not store new files on the same memory card or hard drive or other storage devices.
  • Try to avoid inappropriate handling of digital cameras to avoid accidental photos deletion.

Features of Remo Recover tool:

  • Furnished with automated scanning process to carryout complete scanning of hard drive and other storage devices for recovering JPG files
  • Helps you to search your recovered JPG file from the list according to its file name, file size, date of file creation, file extension, etc.
  • Recovers JPG and other files from popular digital cameras like Panasonic, Minolta, Samsung, Olympus, Pentax and Sigma
  • Restores deleted JPG file from USB drives, hard drives, memory cards, iPods, external hard drives, FireWire drives, etc.
  • Helps you to store recovered JPG files based on their matchless features
  • Available with a preview option which can help you to see the content of the JPG photo in advance before saving them on your computer
  • Comes with easy GUI to help novice users to do JPG files recovery without any technical background
  • Renowned software which can be executed on various versions of Windows like XP, Vista, 2003, 7 and 8 and new versions of Mac like Lion, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, etc.

Office Utility Software to Recover Excel Files in Windows 7

Fifty excel files got deleted! Is there any way to get back those excel file in my Windows 7 computer?

This was me six months back when I didn’t know anything about recovery software. Those excel files were the basis of my office work and losing those files was a nightmare. But, now I myself can lose any excel file from computer and recover it back using third party application. Also, I am knowledgeable enough to recommend those users who have never though of recovering back the lost file. The recommended software is Remo Recover, popular software in recovery software category. Before going through its various features let me explain about the various scenarios which will require user to recover files using third party application.

Unfavorable scenarios:

Consider, a user wants to copy all excel files, say about hundred from Windows 7 computer to pen drive. User initiated the transfer process and some of the files even got into the pen drive but meanwhile user urged a need to remove a multimedia device from the computer. But no, user didn’t remove the intended device but removed the pen drive. This scenario may most possibly make some of the excel files to get deleted from the computer. Now, consider a user who wants to deletes a particular file from Windows 7 computer but in actual happens to delete the excel file which was very important to the user. In another situation severe virus infection resulted in large number of files to get lost from the computer including the excel files. Also, sometimes user would like to format a particular drive but accidentally may format a drive having important excel files. All of these scenarios seem to be weird and in actual can happen to you.

Real solution:

For all the above explained scenarios, Remo Recover is the answer which is trusted software to perform in real time. Recovery process is simple and recovers excel sheets with its original content.

Must have look features:

Remo Recover is capable of recovering excel files from Windows 7 computer and also from other versions of Windows OS namely Windows 8, 2003, XP and others. Recovery of all other office files is also possible using this software which is document, paint, presentation etc which makes it very practical software for office and individual use. Remo Recover allows recovery of files from external drives too which are connected to the computer. It allows the novice users to understand the recovery process in a very quick manner because of the awesome graphical user interface used in the software.

Essential steps to recover:

  • Download this software consuming not more than fifty mega bytes of memory space.
  • Install and launch the software in your Windows 7 computer.
  • Choose the drive in Windows computer from which excel file is to be recovered.
  • Select the scenario of either loss or deleted case depending on the way of loosing the file.
  • Initiate the process; use options like save recovery session or file preview.
  • Save recovered excel files in destined location.

Popular NEF File Recovery Tool

Nikon Electronic Format is a RAW picture file type that is particular only used by Nikon digital cameras which provides highest image quality. The RAW pictures that is NEF image files is stored in memory card with .nef file extension and they are saved in a form such way that they can be simply converted back to generic picture file types using appropriate software. Generally, NEF image files hold camera setting information pointers and all the data gained by sensor data. However, the main drawback of memory cards is that they are more prone to logical failures, which results in data loss. You can utilize Nikon’s NEF file recovery tool to recover deleted or lost photos from Nikon camera.

Mainly, NEF image file helps to save the memories and you may remember it by watching whenever you wish to. Generally, you may choose to keep the images in your system’s hard drive so that you can preview at any moment. However, you may be unconscious of losing those important images because data loss will not arrive with warning to you. If NEF image file is deleted or lost from memory card then the pointer, which holds those picture files address, are erased and deleted memory space is set as free to point new memory position. As soon as you found that, your pictures are lost or deleted then do not get fear because you can effortlessly get back all your deleted images within just few minutes by using the photo recovery tool.

Then next is how to get back all your deleted or lost photos from Nikon’s memory card? A very important step you need to carry out is when you get that your photos has got deleted or lost then you have to stop creating the new photos on camera. If you continue to use then there are pretty chances of NEF image file getting overwriting. Before, we proceed for recovering the image file, you should know reasons behind the deletion or lost NEF image file.

Generally, you may accidentally delete some of your memorable images from Nikon camera while previewing photos. You may hit delete all button without knowing features of Nikon camera. Such type of mistakes might results you huge loss of data. Suppose file system of your memory card is damaged because of virus attack or may be with other reason than it will allow you to access you NEF image files on memory card. After that, in order to make accessible those photos then you must have to format your memory card. If you format your memory card then you will lose all your photos and other data too. There are other reasons for deleting or losing your NEF images files also. So whatever may be the reasons then you can recover all your photos without any difficulty by using NEF file recovery tool.

Media Edition of this software is best that can get back NEF photo files lost or deleted from Nikon cameras powerfully. It can also restore damaged NEF image files from any storage device like USB drives, memory cards, hard drives etc. It can also retrieve image files from hard drives having bad sectors. It has executed the best obtainable modern algorithms, by using this tool can extremely scan the hard drive for NEF files and bring back them successfully, without missing any information. Operating this application simply needs any technical information as the GUI is kept very simple and the whole procedure is self-explanatory.

After that download the demo package of this recovery application for evaluating the performance and once you are happy with its result then you can by full version.