Best Software Recover Deleted Files from XD Picture Card

In digital cameras, one of the popular memory devices used is XD Picture card and is mostly predominant for the older camera or camcorder models. Just like any other picture cards, it comes in variety of memory sizes and is very much fast in its working.

Last week I went to visit a nearby national park and captured many interesting pictures of wild animals in my camera having XD picture card. This was my best capture so far and I was really touched by those pictures. But unfortunately all the image files stored in that memory card got deleted. Well, the reason behind this accident was my little son, who pressed delete all button in the camera, thus resulted in important files to be deleted from XD card. I consulted my friend who guided me in this matter and said that the deleted files can be recovered by using efficient recovery software called Remo Recover.

Remo Recover has proved itself by recovering the deleted image files from XD Picture card in a better way. The files from XD Picture card can get deleted by a number of ways. Some of the most prominent reasons of file deletion are explained as follows:

Antivirus usage: XD cards just like any other external storage devices are also prone to virus attack. So if someone is suspicious of XD card being infected with virus, then the antivirus software may be used to remove the virus from the card. Bur this act may delete those files from the card which are severely infected with virus without any prior notification to the user.

Abrupt removal: If the user is unaware about the proper procedural steps to remove the memory card from the camera, then all the files in XD card may get deleted instantaneously.

Third Party applications: If the user is using the third party application, then it is only for the improvement of the computer performance. But if the user has connected camera having XD Picture card in it to a computer having untrustworthy third party application. Then all the imported files in XD card may get deleted. If the files are important to the user, then it can be a painful issue.

If you are a victim of any of the above-mentioned scenarios then no need to worry because one of the popular recovery software called Remo Recover can do the task of recovering files.

Remo Recover is an esthetically designed software meeting the needs of the user by recovering the deleted files from XD Picture card with perfection. This software is made with great care, making it sure to reach the requirements of wide variety of camera users. This is possible because it supports the recovery of files not only from XD Picture Card but also from SD, MMC and Memory Stick used in cameras and camcorders. Even wide variety of media files can be recovered by utilizing this software like jpeg, gif, cr2, mpeg etc. This software is compatible with various versions of Windows as well as Mac OS.

Some of the precautionary measures that will be helpful for the user to avoid the files from getting deleted in XD Picture Card is explained below. Always use camera when the battery level is not low. So word files from getting deleted can be avoided if the user uses camera with sufficient battery level. In this aspect, maintaining backup of files in external storage devices like pen drive, hard drive etc. will be very much helpful to avoid files from getting deleted. By seeking these backed up devices user will get back the deleted files.